Thursday, September 25, 2008

I think this is the nth time that I am talking about this. But, apparently destiny, fate and all that stuff just loves to play out their roles when we least expect it.

I know that all this stuff is often mocked at. Its always the karma that builds the destiny that you have. But, then again, what kind of karma decides that you have the right to make your destiny... and at other times destiny will just overpower everything including the karma that you have done.

Its all Relative.

Basically, some people are born with all the luck. And others, well, they happen to struggle all their lives just to be with the ones they love... just to fuilfill the basic dreams that they have. Shayon says that he doesnt know how to console me, The thing is, I dont know how to console him.

Who the fuck said that when you follow your dreams, everything falls in place. It appears that whenever you dream, you are bound to fall on your face so that your dreams get bruised and that you dont dream again.
All I ask is, What is it that you dream off??

I know that, today, I want to start working asap, so that I can support my realtionship and finally lay a foundation for my future with Shayon. The near future all I want is to go to mumbai so that I can be with Shayon. Its been almost a year, since I met him.
All Shayon wants is that his job remains... and that life becomes less complicated... not Just for him, but for both of us.

I pray to the Almighty above, that He should not shake my faith in Him.

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Shayon said...

Things WILL get back to normalcy, soon, I Promise!!