Wednesday, September 17, 2008

To start over: Makeover

Women rejuvenate either by a trip to the mall,
A bar of Chocolate,
Sex maybe...
But a Makeover certainly makes her feel good.

It changes her image... makes her feel new and above all makes her feel good about being a woman.
Its so strange that at times we forget the value of changinging our looks... changing just the way we are. I was also very very scared of change.

All through my school life and for three years in college, I had Long...reallly long hair. Mum used to take care of my hair till I was in school n then in college, I was taking care of it... but it was streotyping me. That led to the very step in my makeover that started last year... on my last day I decided to get my hair cut. Not short like really short... but short enough to make ppl gasp around me. When I got out of the airport , My mom n sis din recogonise me.... almost disowning me. But gradually people decided that I was looking good. And on sunday I finally got reall funk in my hair...I got it coloured...and cut n styled....

And I am feeling very very good about the whole thing... makes me feel like a new person altogether...!!!

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