Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Of late night sisterly chats...

I know I should be killed right now, if nothing more... my exam is day after, and I should be studying instead of posting... but never mind.

Last night, I was up till 2 am.. not talking to Shayon. But talking to my younger sister. The talk started with her demanding a cell phone after 10th grade, and me bveing the usual cynic, telling her that Dad will not give her one.
And, thus, started one of the longest 'talks' that I have had with my sister, EVER.
I am not complainig, rather, I have this weird feeling that I am old. And my seven years younger sister is in her mid- teens, and much more emotiuonally sound than me. 

I think, I have never spelled out how much I hate the discrimination that happens between me and her, to her atleast... and last night, I did that. And, instead of feeling all bad and moody about it... she tells me, that she is not dumb and that she can see what is happening...!!!
(of course, my parents do not admit that there is ever any kind of discrimination, but Arushi and I are not stupid)

We talked last night. I dont know if we got any closer, but yeah, I am relieved that now Arushi knows why I get irritated all the time and why I am sick and tired of being here in my house, and why I get angry seeing her as the 'favourite' child... and my need to just be me...!!!

Btw- Arushi has suggested that to improve relations and communication between my parents and me, especially, now that I yearn to be myself, We should seek help from a counsellor...!!
Any Suggestions??

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