Sunday, January 4, 2009

No fun being back home???

Home sweet Home...!!!

Is it really, home sweet home.... Its been 48 hours since I have been home, except maybe the whole having the home food thingy.. it has been no real fun.
The most important reason being, ITS SO SO SO COLD....!!!
(And Shayon like an Idiot forgot his Jacket in Mumbai...!!!)

My new found love is- Mumbai Public Transport System.... I mean when I was travelling in Mumbai all by myself, I never complained about anything, be it the auto, the taxi, train or even the fucking bus...!!!
Here, Shayon landed on Friday evening... and since then, I dont think that he has had no good experience with the Delhi and NCR transport system... I am embarrased to the core. And to tell you the truth, there is nothing to be proud off either. Delhi Public Transport SUCKS...!!!
The whole city is gloomy... coz there is no sun...

And well, Shayon and I have not really met... poor guy has been house hunting, trying to travel.
(No, I have not been any help...!!!)

My maid, decided that she has to fall ill, thus she caught herpes...and now, on top of everything else, there is Housework to do...!!! 

Trust me, right now, I really wanna go back n Stay in Mumbai... with Shayon...!!! 

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