Thursday, January 22, 2009

The odd couple or the Perfect one....

One of the most cliched saying in the world today is
'Opposite attract'

Ofcourse, since this saying has Newton's Magnetic laws behind to support it, the saying also has a scientific backing to it. But, how true is it for the couples really?
(I am not analysing that...!!!, I am just wondering, give me insights on it...!!!)

I was talking to shayon last night, and well, after talking to him and saying Good Night to him, I tossed and turned thinking, that both of us are pretty much opposites of each other... there are a lot of similarities also... one of the best one being that we both love each other.

But, then the differences in our personalities are also there...!!!
And they are getting me worried...!!!

Like fors instance, Shayon really doesnt care about how he is looking and I always maintain that looks don't matter that much, but well, you have to dress well, and not look like a jhalla/jhalli all the time...!!! I am not dressed up either most of the time, but, well, when I have to go out... I want to look nice... Shayon says, he doesn't care- That irks me...alot of times...

Then, there is the 'being healthy' thingy, I am not an excercise freak.... but c'mon, if you have a ponch that makes you look pregnant, you have to do something about it... I mean it takes my mom a lot of pushing to get me to excercise, but there is some self realization that happens to me, when all my stuff looks like Priyam's stuff... but Shayon , sweetie when will the self realization come???

Another thing that I know is that Shyon is not the kinds who likes to go out every week,  socialising with friends... I know I am a freak about that... loving to meet up friends for no reason and for all the reasons.... 
Ok, we can manage that...!!! When it comes to him... I cam sit at home romancing him and not getting tired of him... at all.. ;)

Oh, gosh... this might not be a scary picture... but look at it from my point of view... aren't these those little things that get blown up?
There is a joke, that the guys often say, 
'A girl in the first year takes an effort to change the guy, 
and in the second year, says, you are not the same guy any more...'

I don't know what to do... coz, Shayon has never said no to me if its something that he also does... and I want to do just that. 
I don't know what I want... and I am confused as hell....!!!

(FUCK- I don't even know if I should be putting my scares up here on the blogsphere...!!! JESUS... HELP...!!)


Anonymous said... first time on this blog...and just felt like commenting on this post...

Don't worry about the differences. As long as both of u r sensitive to each others needs...u will be fine!

Things like one person wanting to go out a lot and one not wanting to...u'll have to can go out a little more once in a while and one can learn to enjoy time at home some more!

Works for me and the Boy, so thought i'll mention.

The key to making any human relationship successful is openness and sensitivity to see another's perspective!

Sakshi said...

Thank you Chandni...!!!
I will surely keep your suggestions in mind..
Hope to see you more often on my blog...!!!