Wednesday, October 14, 2009

For my Cow...

This is a little something that I wanted to write to Moo, my cow, and after a lot of debating and thinking whether I should e-mail it or put this up on the blog- I decided to put this up here.
My dear Cow,
HI..!!! How are you doing? I know that you have been shopping alot. I mean, your mom is right, when she says that you need a separate house just to accommodate your clothes. You are being a spendthrift.. ;P

You know, life is a bitch. I mean we all know it, c'mon, sometimes we curse our school, or we are cursing our luck, or you know just generally being vague about it.
But, the thing in life that really cheers us up, is our friends. Because, I heard it somewhere that, you can't choose your family, but you can surely choose your friends.
Off late, I have been doubting that...!! I mean, these sayings were true when there was no net, but today on an average thanks to our virtual lives we meet so many strangers, and some of them who seem nice become such stalkers... that you feel YUCK...
But, then there are times when you find really nice people also- I found so many of you.
Therefore- I feel, that destiny also has a role to play when we choose our friends.

Even in real life we come across people who make us friends and then just move on in their lives- and that really hurts. I know it does. But, you know these are lessons in life too, to tell you that you as a person are sweet heart, and that the other person was just taking advantage of your sweetness, so the next time, be very selective about being sweet to every one.
One thing that I have learned in all these years of having fake friends is- That it is never your won fault and that- In life- in your own life- you will definitely find such people who will live, respect and cherish you for what and who you are. Those are the people who will not mind if you don't talk to them for weeks and with whom you can just pick up where you had left off, anytime.
And, darling I know that you are blessed.

Just always be happy.. coz, there is no one in the world who can be you.
I love you-
Moo knows, why this has come.
I just hope she doesn't mind me.


ani_aset said...

you said it right there :) who is moo? ;) just curious. I have had such friends who just vanish without saying anything..some of them that i have met in virtual world..helped..have been so mean hurts at times..and at times also makes you very defensive ..which may not be fair for the new friends that you may meet later in life :)

Moo said...

@ Sakshi,

I don't know what to say. :') I've met people who've forgotten I exist and hurt me, and then there are angels like you who try and make better the damage caused by others. Even when you don't need to. It's beautiful friends like yourself who make me realise that what's over is over, and that there are other lovely people to share your joys and sorrows with.

Thank you so much, sweetheart. You made me smile from ear-to-ear and made my day! :)

* hugs *

@ ani_aset,

Moo is me! :)

ani_aset said...

thanks for replying before sakshi :D

Shalini said...

totally agree!!
True friends are those who dont need to be reminded constantly of your can just pick up where you left off!
nice post..

Jack said...


I always say Life is like flowing river. During it's course we meet so many persons, get close to some but with changing times or flow contact is less and less till it is lost. There will be very very few with whom you can keep in touch all the time. It is mutual trust that you can depend upon each other which counts more even if there is no contact for some time. All I will add is that we should never make friends for selfish gains nor encourage someone to make us one for the same. In virtual world too it happens and we have no option but to bear it. If you have a handful of close friend, count yourself blessed.

Take care