Sunday, November 29, 2009

I know that I am not the brightest star in your universe,
but I try very hard to be that twinkle in your eyes,
the one I have never seen...

I may not have what it takes,
but I speak the truth when I say,
that I don't know what is it that I have...

For so many that you got in my life,
they were impressed by what they saw!
But why I wonder do you fail to see,
what the world sees...

Or is it that the world fakes,
to be in your good books?

It has always been about...
the books and the looks?
A little more tall you scream,
little more thin atleast...
Dumb, be not, atleast get more marks,
than him, than her...

Why do you push me,
to be her,
why not nudge and budge,
to be ME!

A fool you call me,
to let the world go by,
never really caring to look,
and look like thy..

Yes, I am a fool,
to try and be her,
losing myself in a world,
created by you for you...
Where am I in that world of yours?

Unconditional love and care,
that was the deal,
why is their an astrix to every hug that I receive?

Broken your trust have I ?
live with it,
like I have heart broken.

I don't blame you,
I never will...
I am the one who never learned to tell you,
to love me, to care...
I am the one who forgot,
To stand up and ask for what is mine.

In this, lack of communic,
you just claim to know me,
I know that you don't know me.

I am ready to walk,
to try to redeem myself,
slowly walking out of your life,
into the one that is mine.
I am walking away in a hope..
that when the world truly sees,
you also see- and not be ashamed of me.


Tangled up in blue... said...

I think they will know to be very very proud of you, Sakshi.

Sometimes we think our parents dont know who we really are, that they dont even attempt to see what we might be. But I believe there comes a time when they realise that we are individuals, and not just an extension of them.

And in that moment, they are both happy and sad.

But trust me, I, too, once lived in the shadow of my brother. I know what you feel.

Jack said...


Beautifully composed. Very frank and forthright. Only thing I feel is that it is too pessimistic. Why not have heart to heart talk to clear the clouds of doubt? Hope you pen more and more.

Take care

PS : Have you read my latest post?

vickey said...

..hey..nice one...

Sorcerer said...

beautiful lines...
cool one!!