Sunday, November 1, 2009

Here I am...

Thank you all for missing me sooo much.
It was awesome to see that I do matter to all my friends. I just wish that my parents could see that.
Anyway- There were no real reasons that I was away. I was just busy preparing for sister's sweet sixteen party. The damn thing was such an elaborate affair that- I feel that I never turned sixteen, let alone have a milestone birthday party.
The party was inspired by a reality show on VH1 called- My Super Sweet Sixteen. And trust me, with the kind of mishaps, and upswings, down swings and the drama that took place to make sister's party a success- I almost felt that I was a part of the reality show myself. The dress came like 1.5 hours before the party was to start.. there was a phase when it looked like that no one is gonna turn up for the party.
Thank God for all his kindness- The party was a success- And, I am happy that- it is gone and over. It has been THE most anticipated event of our family.
The next few things are loads of weddings and relatives coming over to kickstart the party towards the culmination of this year.

Amongst all the hullabaloo- I am trying to drown my sadness and the void that is slowly forming in my heart as the date of Shayon's departure is coming closer. To be frank- I am not looking forward to the alone time that I am going to get. It is such a different phase of life for me- when all of the people around me- be it my cousins or my friends- are working. Apart from making me feel like a kiddo- there seems to be a difference in the time schedules, in the priorities... they have different activities to look forward to, different people to meet...
And it is taking me a LOT of time to adjust to the fact that we all are growing up- and from discussing exam schedules- we are discussing office timings. It feels- like I said- Different.

It is life. I have no choice but accept these facts- and Get on with it. But, once in a while you do need a certain re assurance that in this long journey of life whenever at whatever milestone you turn back there are people who love you and care for you...!!!

I am back- and once again Thank you all for missing me...!!! :)


ani_aset said...

Part of Life sakshi :). You know once you start doing things that you love, you will not feel that these things are happening to you. Rather you wont even get the time to realize :)

Shalini said...

ya...organising a party and finally executing the whole thing takes it out of you!
Everything else...just a part of growing up. Play along...

Miss M said...

I'm here to tell you HOW SORRY I AM for not replying to your mail yet! I know i am HORRIBLE but i will. I really really will!!! Sorryyy! :(

Jack said...


My being late is as my PC is playing games with me. It is doing Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa. Kindly convey Many Many Happy Returns of the Day to your sister from my side. Distance does not matter that much if relationship is true and both partners are firm on this. One does feel the absence but that is part of life.

Take care

PS : No visit?

Shalini said...

knock knock...anybody there??