Friday, September 2, 2011

Touch Me

The sands of time,
the passing seconds,
re instate in my memories,
that past, the present,
 and that future..

Through the half closed eyes,
I see you, and see that desire,
I see the fire, as you close in,
the distance between us..

The magic of your kiss,
the love of your touch...
the want in your breath...
I see that you want me,
more now than ever...

The vice like grip,
of your arms around me,
the need to possess me,
not only in your heart,
but also in your body..

I want to be to,
possessed by you,
by your love,
by you making me love,
and making me love you back..

Yes, my love,
through the sands of time,
I see you loving me,
not merely in your heart,
but also in your mind,
running me through, not just your body,
but making me a part of your soul.
Republishing this post, today again, for the one I really love, and for the person, I am missing right now! My dear darling boyfrriend, Shayon, I love you & I miss you! Like crazy! This poem, is JUST for you!


Shayon said...

*looking out for someone who would write something like this one, for me* Brilliant! *speechless. Can't say much more* (damn, I am getting Suruchi's habits imbibed within me. talking more within asterisks and brackets than the proper way. Yes, that's the one I am talking about :-p)

Chandni (Chanz) said...

I am not even half as good as you are...


Jack said...


A very emotional poem full of expectations and promises. Hope the person deserves it.

Take care

Sakshi said...

@ Shayon

Stop flattering me

@Uncle J
I hope so too.. ;)

Suruchi said...

I love the poem...
I hope I have told u enough how poetically perfect u are in your writing...

The third last stanza and the last two lines are outstanding....
They grip you vice like by themselves:-)