Friday, September 2, 2011

September Update

Life has, bloody, become just a bunch iof update! But then again, it is a good thing that I am keeping busy, a bad thing, that I can't write all about it, thanks to the lack of time and then the laziness!
So the bullet update; here goes:

  • I am doing fine :D, well, barring the usual up and downs in the health sector, I am fine.
  • The boyfriend, is also doing great! As I type this out he is on a road trip with his friends, and he is having fun! 
  •  I was in Mumbai last weekend, and it was a blast. Rain played a spoil sport, but, I was sleep deprived, and hardly slept for the three nights that I was there. There is lots to talk about, about the Mumbai trip, so, I guess, that will make for a nice long post, that should come up very soon. 
  • Alright, here is a big thing that very few people know, I for some weird reason, at some mad moment of time, decided that I would like to give Judiciary examination, meaning, that I would sit for the entrance exam to become a judge, and that exam is like, on this Sunday. And, no I am not that well prepared for it. People, for years, just sit and study and do nothing. I decided to take it while doing a regular job. I have no real hopes, but whats life without a little adventure.
  • There is something in the air. My mum has been extremely loving and caring towards me, and she loved the shopping that I did for her in Mumbai. The Boyfriend has also been wow to me lately. And, so has my boss, and life in general. I hope that it continues, for a long long time to come. Amen.
  • I met a 25 yr old businessman, really great looking, who is my client. I turn 25, like really soon. I am not feeling too good about knowing his age all of a sudden
  • It's the Birthday month. Am I excited, yes, I am. I will be of legal drinking age. But, that also means, a quarter of a century worth of living already done. Achievements re assessment doesn't look encouraging! Will, I grow up? Now, that is worth wondering about! 

I know, dear readers, that you all are doing well. And, I promise, I will catch up with the reading as soon as I get over with my exam this weekend. You all, till then, miss me!



Suruchi said...

good hain na ki sab good good hain:-)
all the best for the exam and touchwood to all the joys:-)

Jack said...


Read it yesterday but could not post comment due to net behaviour. Best of luck for fist step to reach SC Bench.

Take care

Sakshi said...

@Su & Uncle J

Thanks :)