Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Colour of the Curtains!

Office has been mad lately. Mainly because, Ms. P, my immediate senior has decided to tun into a witch and a back biting bitch. So, things have been on a hot burner as far as office is concerned. But hopefully things will be back to normal soon! And the courts are off for a week! But alas, the vacation is not for lawyers... the office is open!
This is the bad part of life, right now.

A lesson that I have learn't from the events that have unfolded over the entire of the year that has gone by, is that, advise should only be taken from the people who understand the nature of the problem. People who claim they are your friends, would never do something that would hurt you.. and lastly, it is a hard life, and there are tough decisions that you have to take all the time, and the only way to make those tough decisions much easier on yourself is to know and to have the person closest to you with you.. supporting you.

You all out here told me a million times that, things will be just fine, once he is here in Delhi. And, I was the pessimistic one, almost the one who was so sure that things will fall apart for me. That there will be nothing more but misunderstandings that will be magnified.
Thus to all of you (Especially To Su & TFD), you guys kept pushing me and hearing all my bouts of dumb stupid things that I had to say.
And, today., I salute and thank you for being so optimistic about my love life! Thank you! All of you all who commented and told me that all will be fine.

No, we do not meet every day. That is not a possibility, because we both are working, and both have the tendency of getting stuck at work... but yes, we do meet up for the lunches, and those coffees and we have had couple of dinners too. Sometimes, its hard to believe that I am with him. And sometimes, I just thank God, for being nice to me.

Today, was one of the overwhelming evening that we spent together. We had gone shopping for household stuff. I mean, I have been after his life, to do something about the house, to do something about the house. And, today we both managed to land up in a store and shopped for things that I have never really shopped for. *My mother selects this kinda stuff, all we do is nod in agreement, it is a catch 22 situation when with her.*
So we picked up curtains *Meaning, I chose them, and he gave his opinion and well, we did end up agreeing on the curtains* and Bed Sheets *Well, we both had a little tussle over the colour and the brightness of the bed sheets*  Pillow covers * Thank god, this was the only thing that he agreed to without giving too much of his opinion*  Hand towels *There was a lot of why do I need them about this, but I made him buy it never the less*
And we had a major difference of opinion over the Cushions, which we DID NOT end up buying, btw, he never wanted to buy em, but I wanted to, you know, I like Cushions! There was a lot of if and buts and why. And finally when he did agree, he was not too enthu about it and we left it there.

Because Shayon stays alone *His flat mate is not really interested in anything that has anything to do with him working around the house, so alone.* and he still doesn't have a bai, I have to go and now do up the house...

And it feels totally weird, there was a time, hen Shayon I know never really cared about these little things. I know for sure that he cleaned up his hostel room once in like 2 months *Well, he was hardly in his room any ways!* and totay we are shopping stuff for his house. There is still a long way to go till we have that properly set up home.
But never the less we are trying? Aren't we ?

And, oh, The Curtain in his room is yellow and orange stripes. ;)


Shalini said...

awwwww :)

Arooj said...

yup...dear you have started a journey towards setting out your own sweet niche...

Suruchi said...

U don’t need to thank anyone Sakshi...
That’s what friends are for...
Infact we are often not there in enough of capacity as we should be...
But then just the realization that someone is there is often enough!

Just as was the realization that things were falling apart but something still was there within, that kept u going...
N ooooh the house shopping n all is soooooooo cute...
Waiting for u to now move into in with him...
Speed up things...we all wanna join in the celebrations:-)

Banupriya said...

So sweet of you guys shopping and setting up the home... Happy for you... Optimism helps us to face everything with ease. Chill out and have a great day.

Unknown said...

I used to clean up my hostel room once every 2 months? Really? Now, that's news to me. I thought it was just twice a year!

Sakshi said...

Double awwwww to you girl, I know you are mushed up!

Yes, this is just a beginning to this long long journey!

Please, I have to thank you for all your kindness! And you have been there for me enough already!

well said! :) Thanks :)

I was just being super nice!

Bikram said...

office politics strange coincidence , the work that i do as computer programmer jsut been told office is shutting down :O

I hope you get settled again and your manager stops doing what she doing

All the best with the shopping .. and yellow curtains my room in my hostel had those ones but with green stripes.....

Bikram's Blog

ani_aset said...

sigh i wish someone does all that for me..i will promise to nod in agreement with everything :D

Sakshi said...

@ Birkram
Office politics is a very new thing for me!

AAYE haaye, main marjaawana.. Candidate up for grabs, an awesome dancer, with a great sense of humor and a talent for saying yes to all that his girl will say!

You are catch! :P