Sunday, October 17, 2010

Where there is a Will..

There are no property disputes! *Yeah that was my attempt at bad humour!*

I am not going to give any legal gyaan.. but talk about the, THE most important event that made India shine, the Commonwealth Games 2010!!!!!
Yeah, we pulled it off, and in what grandeur and style. I must say that, it was a success story truly written by the Volunteers, the athletes and the Police...
When I saw the Opening Ceremony on my Television I was mesmerised I was watching it with my mouth hanging open all the time. And all through out the Ceremony  kept thinking, "Jab agaaz itna dilkash hai toh anjaam kiasa hoga?"
I went for the Cultural events that were being organized all over the city, and I was taken aback.. *I was of course expecting superb performance by all the Artistes, but it was the audience that left me in amazement* because, last I remember, the Delhi wallas, did not really had the taste or the patience to sit in plays, in dance recitals, unless they had someone of their own performing.
But, all the places were jam packed. That was the enthu that the people of Delhi had!

I also had gone for one of the Athletic event at the JLN Stadium, and I was lucky enough to be there on the day when the Discuss Players (Women) won all three medals for India. The crowd went mad, everyone sang along the National Anthem.. it was one of the kind moment to experience in your life time to see the Tri-colour waving three times over. And after that, the celebration music was 'Maa Tujhe Salaam' and OMG we sang like, we are the next Indian Idols!
And then there was the Closing Ceremony- And, I dunno how my mother managed it, but she got a couple of passes and I saw it live at the Stadium.. and I have never hooted so loud in my life! Of course the Closing was not as big as the Opening, but it was wonderful, and the last half an hour when all the Singers came and made Delhi go mad was total Paisa Wasool!

And the end of the two weeks, I got thinking, that there was not a single day when I got stuck in bad traffic, or for that matter of there was anything out of the ordinary that we do not see in Delhi. As a matter of fact, I found that the Delhi drivers were actually following the lane restrictions and there was lane driving happening. The crowd which always gathered for some event or the other, was never badly handled, the people were actually talking politely.. and there was a certain calm in the city. A sense safety that surrounded the who atmosphere.
But then, as soon as the games were bid bye, Delhi was back at being the brat that it is. I mean, why can't we the people of Delhi, be the way we were all through the games? Why can't the Police do its job the way it had done all these days. These are just the MOST little of things that we have to do, like, using the public transport, being polite, respecting the Rules of the Road, driving properly and being polite to each other. And, no one can stop Delhi from being a world class city.

I give the entire credit of the Success of the CWG 2010, to all of us, who made sure that the Games make us Shine, and the values of Atithi Devo Bhava are followed to the fullest!
The moral of the Story is that 'Where there is a Will, there is a Way', now that we know the way, and the result of following that way, we have to find that will in us!

PS: Chandni gets the credit for this post, I was not gonna brag about the success of the games, but after reading her, I could not resist!

PPS: Before I forget- Prosperity, Love, Health to all from Maa Durga! and Shri Ram! Happy Durga Pujo & Happy Dusshera to all of You!
In the other news, me and my current partner in Dance Class have been wowed too many times for our connection etc! I am all dancie dancie about it! :)


Jack said...


Finally caught up with all pending posts. Where is my piece of cake? So glad that you had good time on your birthday. Your Hindi poem may soon get picturised on MUNNI. Beautiful and poem in depth - Missing Pieces. CWG, I agree it was beyond expectations on both events - Opening and Closing. Media goes overboard for increasing circulation and sense of responsibility goes for a toss. But I do hope that those responsible for corruption get penalised. It is so good to hear that ALL IS GETTING WELL now. I pray and wish all the best to you. So, you have started learning household duties now. Good. Awwww, you tagged me. I will try to do it a s a p.

Take care

Chandni (Chanz) said...

Awwwww... That was too much for a compliment. But let me be modest here. I, ofcourse, do not get the credit. The games were indeed mesmerizing. And it gave a completely new look to our city.

Arooj said...

very enthusiastic post.....Congrates.

rainboy said...

the games were awesome
waiting for us to host Olympics :)

take care

Bikramjit Singh Mann said...

no doubts the games were good and what made them awesome were our athletes who participated its thanks to them

I am not supporting the CWG and the officials , it was a wrong mover and wrong thing to let it happen the way it happen... That i still stand by...
My logic being that now all those people who were saying let the games happen the officals will be punished later have sort of given in hiding dont see any more posts which they fiercly wrote against people who were against CWG ... And all those people who said they will see to it that justice is done have also gone into a hiding
so my not supproting the games was THAT to me that was the time to bring the GOVT TO ITS KNEES so they actually DID something about corruption casue the whole country would have been together and they would know for next time ..

But now one thing we can be sure of is nothing is gonna happen and next time the games are taking place it will still happen the SAME WAY as now

But hats off to the athlets and the teams who put there heart and soul into it and made us proud when we were let down by the ones who lead us its shame though

Bikram's blog

Sakshi said...

@Uncle J
Glad to have you back after the break!

Well, I gave the credit to the one who deserves! :)

Thanks :)

Thanks for the visit. And I hope to see you here more! :)

Why ould you not support the CWG? And as far as the officials are concerned, the whole corruption issue has become a political mess now.
And, NO one is being left. All the officials have been told not to leave the duty till the investigation which btw has already started gets over.
The government is taking pro active measures.
And, really you have to start believing in change and be a part of it, instead of cribbing!