Monday, November 15, 2010

November Rain

I realised that half of November is gone, and I have not written a single post despite having so many in my mind. This blog is going to the dogs. NOT! I am not going to let that happen. Because, I love this space and this blog has given me much much more than what I can really put down in words.

There was a Diwali post that I had planned, did not even get a chance to be near the computer through the holidays, but managed to maintain the net connectivity thanks to the phone. And then there is the usual series of year end posts that I want to do. And those, I really would do.

The festive season was great, I had my cousins over and my niece and my nephew who I was gonna meet for the first time and it was awesome fun. My three year old niece kept us all on our feet, continuously talking and playing and loving the gifts that were being showered on her from left, right and center.
I also worked really hard to make this Diwali really special because my entire family was with me this Diwali, and the feeling was enough to get me into the festive mood making me soak in the lights and the glamour of the festivities.

On the work front, things are fine. Actually the usual. The most exciting thing being that we have a new intern in office from Gujarat. The seniors in my office are not taking too much interest, and me being totally new (yeah, a couple of months old) can totally understand her feeling lost, especially she being the 'New Girl' in the city. And, I of course have gone through hell in my internships where the seniors were rude, so I am being nice to her and making sure that she is well taken care of. As a matter of fact, she went to this get together with me and I had most of the guys eyeing her (yeah she is very pretty). So this is as exciting as it gets on the work front. And, oh yeah, I heard loads of gossip about Ms. P, my senior from the most unusual source... but since I have no way of verifying it, I let the whole thing go for a toss.

And, now, the November Rain... that was yesterday, when Delhi was in its BEST romantic garb and I was missing Shayon like crazy (the only thing that helped me remain sane was that I was shopping!). The thing is, that because we are working, and well, we do tend to get a lot busy, so we end up not getting to spend too much time with each other. And that is something which is strictly NOT okay with Shayon. I mean it is not either of our fault, but I do have a crazy boss, who told me just the other day that if I want to be successful then I should forget my evenings and that I should be working somewhere around 12 hours a day. I mean, I am freaked!

Right now, life is in a slow whirlwind and I learning how to delicately balance on the beam of life!
And I have this DUMB exam coming up, an I have not even studied for it or started studying for it! I wish that it gets scrapped.
Else, duaan ke bharoe paas hongi!


niku said...

Life and bossses both the truth is working 13 hours in a fast becoming a reality that v cant run from it any more...

Ajai said...

just chanced upon your blog... any chance that you can pass on contact info of that pretty intern friends of yours??? :P

Bikram said...

well you gets ups and downs in every sphere so cheer up

and hey i liked the keeping sanity part , by shopping now .. i hope when the bill comes you dont get a shock then he heehehe

All the best for the exam..

glad you ahd fun during diwali.. and nothing can beat spedning time with family

Take care


Jack said...


Nice updates. You are being a good samaritan towards Prutha. Busy work schedules do play merry hell into personal life. I can well understand how your 3 years old niece must be keeping you all busy as our granddaughter is going to be 3 next month. Best of luck for your examination.

Take care

PS : Left comment on previous one too.

Shalini said...

Can totally sympathize on not able to meet regularly thingy..