Wednesday, December 1, 2010

2010: Good Riddance- Part I

So, we are finally entering the last phase of the year 2010. The year that was the most awaited by me for many reasons. Well, maybe I should have guessed that this year is going to suck real bad... after all I had an exam on the very first day of the year.

*It is often said that, whatever you do on the first day of the year sets the trend for the rest of the year* So, I was wondering,, as to after my set of last semester exams, how is it that I would be giving an exam the whole year? Even if I count the Entrances (for the Masters), how in the world will I end up giving exams till the last of the year. *I almost did, actually- There was this All India Bar Examination which was Scheduled for 5th of December, which got postponed, thanks to a lot of 'if' and 'buts' and buttheads.*

One of the major lesson that I learned this year was- That we give an exam, each moment of our lives. There is never a moment that goes by when we are not doing something, to set something right. That something maybe a thing that you did in the past, or a thing that you would want to happen in the future, or even making a decision in the present.
Each moment defines who we really are. And, even though the smaller and the insignificant decisions like, to eat or skip a meal or what to wear, may not be really life changing, but then there are decisions, that are life changing, which we take all the time.
About the people who we love, about the things that matter to us and how they affect the people around us.

Even though, age is nothing but a number, this year, I learnt, to grow up, and to own up- Not only to the things that I am proud of accomplishing, but also owning up to my mistakes.

And I throw this year out because : It robbed me of my innocence and my smile! 


Unknown said...

I'll get them back for you. Your innocence. And your smile.
Now, show me the grin! :)

Bikram said...

Well dont know what to say but yeah Feb-march 2010 the worst days of my life and now i am thinking 2006 was worst when i got sucked into a false relation by a selfish person GOOD RIDDANCE INDEED

Hopefully the new year wud be good

and @SHAYON hold you to your words :) he he heehe :)