Wednesday, December 1, 2010

You know why they are called as Horrorscopes?

The name reveals it all- That is because they are nothing but a horror story, that makes ones life miserable. And above all, it leaves you with a sense of unease, because, you end up wondering if your actions are governing the life that you are leading or the stars are steering your life?

No, offence to people who believe in horror scopes, as a matter of fact there was a time that I too believed in looking through that crystal ball, and reading the tarot cards, and wondering if it is going to be a good day. As a matter of fact, I remember, when I was going to talk about something really important to my parents, and I saw my horror scope of that day, and according to that; it was a bad time. And then someone told me (I think that was Priyam) that when ever you have to talk about something super scary with your parents, the time is never right!

Can I not owe up to my own actions, and be brave enough to face them rather than waiting for the correct alignment of the stars?
It is sort of a fuck all situation with me.

And, I am facing the "horror" of the horror scope!


Unknown said...

Just a little piece of fact for you. The dictionary spelling is "horoscope", and not "horrorscope" :)

Jack said...


Read 3 posts now. Junk post was not JUNK at all. It showed maturity taking over now. Another year ends and leaves some good memories as well as some questions in mind. You are right we are always appearing for some exam or the other. You have rightly used the term which I have been using for years, with due apologies to Shayon. Astrology is a science which needs exact time of birth and place to give what is in store for someone. Unfortunately those who are into it are for business. I have met some who perdicted correctly but that was their hobby and not vocation. One should go ahead and do what is permitted by conscience without bothering for results. What is destined will happen but it should not deter one to do his or her best.

Take care

Sakshi said...

The pun was intended!

@Uncle Jack
You are not really getting my point here! The fact that these future predictions have started ruling every decision of your life sucks.

It does.
If you know everything that is going to happen in the future, then it is not a future at all. And you cannot change your destiny. The best is to stick to what you really like to do. Rest, I think that the world can go to hell.

Jack said...


I agree we should not let those predictions rule our decisions or way of life. Even those who predicted correctly, did not say exact what was in store but round about hints eg there is likelihood of serious sickness in first half of year XXXX. We should go ahead with our efforts and leave the results to as it is.

Take care