Friday, December 17, 2010

The Miss you Moments of 2010!!!!!

The year was not that bad either! I know it was horrible for all the things that could have and that have gone wrong, but then, I guess- there are some reasons, GOOD reasons which will always make me look back to this year and make me smile and blush!

So here are my top most beautiful reasons of this being THE year *all in random order, even though am trying to make em chronological!*

1. The 1st day- Who in the world keeps an exam on the 1st of January- It was so hilarious for all of us, that we could hardly study for the paper! And all of us were exhausted and mad at our university for spoiling the New Year's Eve for us! This was also the day that I had like the longest chat in the world with Shayon's mom.. and she was super convinced that this year I would spill the beans!

2. Shayon's first trip to Delhi- Shayon's first trip to Delhi happened on the republic day and I drove all the way to Airport, his flight was super late and I got super frustrated waiting for the damn flight to land.. I carried flowers for him and well, I think I was so excited that I just kept on blabbering and also managed to get lost driving back from the airport!

3. Make UP!!! - Yes there was the tough period that our relationship saw, but then there was the 'Make up' that also happened *and thank GOD, it happened*, I had not even realised that I was miserable most of the time when that miserable period was going on. It re introduced me to my own self once again, and also showed the total 'Romeo' side of my darling! It was THE most enlightening moment of my life- To know how much I mean to Shayon and the fact, that how important he is to me in my life. And right now I have tears in my eyes after reading this Make up post that he had written for us on this blog!

4. I Graduated- WITH Hons!- Yeah, I graduated. And in first Division! And was also crowned as Ms. LL.B at the farewell. I think I was THE most emotional at the farewell, but by far it was the best party that our college and juniors had thrown... in all respects. Everything was just as it should have been- Intimate- Close and heart-warming!

5. My parents 25th Wedding Anniversary- Which ofcourse was like the bestest thing that I did. I think the fact I had put everything that I had into this event, has made it one the most memorable one in my memory *I think I will start pestering my kids with 'How I celebrated your grandparents Anniversary' story very often.. you know just to get the message across to them* And just in case you had missed the details *CLICK HERE*

6. The First Job & Cheque- I think I might as well accept it that my father got me my first job, and now six months later I must admit that it is a fun place to work and I just love the people that I work with. And trust me, I Do not get treated as a special child because of my father.
And yes, there is THE incentive of the cheque at the end of the month- after all 'baap bada na bhaiya, the whole thing is that- ki sabse bada rupaiyaa'! But it is a satisfaction to not to ask for money from my dad every morning!

7. Shayon is Back to Delhi!!!!- This was LIKE the, the life changing event of the year. With him moving back! *I just dunno what more to write in here!* *rest is highly classified information ;)*

8. Kashvi moving to Delhi!- I know she is having a really bad time being away from home, but somehow her presence in the city makes me feel so much more comfortable!

9. The Birthday- It was special because- of this! (And I had this party and had Kashvi with on my birthday :)))

10. Breaking the NEWS!- The last time I decided something and broke that news to my parents, I was still a teenager. This year when I went up to my parents, to tell them about Shayon and me, I had become a career woman, even if I was just maybe 3 months old in the profession. But never the less- I told them about Shayon, about our intention to get married.. but the anti- climax is- that things are sorta stalled at just this. There is nothing more really happening on that front! More than the news, I think it was the whole journey to go upto them and to talk to them, the distance was more tedious than the destination itself. All the credit for firing me up goes to Shayon and the Best friend, who coaxed me, threatened me and scolded me into doing this. And, I am glad that it has finally happened.
Because, I think, it has changed me. I am still scared of hurting them, and still a little baby- But I have become protective about my relationship and courageous to hopefully steer it in the right direction!!!

And, I think that, this about it- of course, I discovered that I could rhyme a few words here and there and write some poems, but then.. that is not really in the league up there.. but the poems do make me smile!

Special Mention:  Of Suruchi, the tumbler of thoughts- Who came into my life out of nowhere and am super glad that she did! She is one of the finds of this year! And a super special mention of Seeya- The girl who added more dimension to this superwoman! Kisses and love!

So like I said, the year had its high points too, even if they are just 10.. but they have still made a difference in the person that I am. So CHEERS!


Chandni (Chanz) said...

that was quite a peaceful read..!! I am sorry for not being in touch with anyone... It's kinda tough these days.. New job.. hectic life.. you know.. things like that.. I'll back soon, thats all I can say..

Sakshi said...

I totally empathise! Take your time :) and take care!

Kali said...

I am fairly new reader of this blog. Looks like it been a great year for you. Congratulations on all your achievements. The "make up post"... wow, I really am speechless. You guys are both so lucky to have each other. Good luck for the coming year. Take care.

Sakshi said...

Welcome to my blog! :) Thanks for the big compliments! I hope to see you back here more! :)

RiĆ  said...

That was a nice read...hope 2011 brings on all that u want. :)