Monday, February 28, 2011

Ranting it out

Conflict of interest-
With everything and with every one!
I wish I could go back in time and change a few things, but since I can't do anything like that, all I can hope for is a better future. But that hope comes with a big Astrix which says conditions apply.

I wish I could spell out what I would really want to the people who matter without caring a hoot about hurting them.. but because I care, or so it seems, more like because I am scared- What I want goes down the drain!

Bloody vicious circle!

EDITED TO ADD: Orange replicated my feelings perfectly when she wrote "It's like waking up every morning and wondering if you'd survive this place today. Everything's a bloody fucking sham. Everything! "!


Suruchi said...

sometimes ranting helps:)
at other times...take a deep breath, clear your mind...and think hard...

make yourself smile,only then would u manage to do so for others..
all the best...
n remember, this too shall pass:-)

Kali said...

oh...I hear you. I just want to hide. But reality is really getting to me. Its a phase. I hope its a phase, things will hopefully get better. <3

Jack said...


First of all, CALM DOWN. It is good to let off steam but never decide anything when pressure is too high. I have suffered because of similar thinking but it pays in the long run as people who matter do realise you mean well. I still face similar situations at this age. However at the same time one needs to let own wishes be clear before it gets too late.

Take care

Bikramjit Singh Mann said...

thats why we say LIFE IS PHUNNY :)

and hey blogging is a good way to RANT get it out of the system.. and Dont worry all will settle down and when it does then this period will be forgotten ..

Take a deep breadth and smile and BRING IT ON .. lets go get them ...

everything passes away and so will this ... now relax and calm downnnnn :)

Heres a JOKE :- a wife goes to a doc with her hubby for a check up.. later the doc tells the wife alone "your husband is suffering from extreme stress. so do as i say Look after him.. Cook for him good meals.. be pleasant to him al lthe time ... Dont nag him .. and be good to him.. do everything he say and In a few years time He will be fit and helthy again" :)

On way home the hubbys asks the wife what did the doc say she replies



funkyrave said...

The most intricate yet simple, seems fallacy but undeniable truth


all will be fine.