Sunday, March 6, 2011

The BAR exam!

First- Thank you all, for calming me down! It has just been couple of terrible days!
And terrible doesn't even seem an adjective enough for the grueling week that has gone by! It is always wonderful to know that there are people who care! So loads of thanks for lots of support and love!

I had my bar exam today, and it went decently well! It was an exam and therefore, God willing I will pass and another major hurdle will be cleared!
Oh and did I tell you that, I had to miss an overnight office off-site because of this dumb exam?? Man, couldn't have been worse timing!!!
But nevertheless, one more chapter ends. Now, there is nothing except work, and the boyfriend. And, the twist in our love story, that now his office is in Gurgaon and mine in Central- South Delhi! His is a two hours travel! And, I don't get free before 8!
Shucks, it is a tough life!
But, we will hopefully get thru with it!! :)

PS: I have been really lazy about the comments on your blog pages, rest be assured that I am reading and following em! :)


Wicked Witch of the West said...

Very glad to hear that it went well, and that it is over :) Surely life will be a bit more relaxed now (although 2 hours apart is not good - so hard to imagine here - in 2 hours I can be in the next 200km away from here, in another city (but because we are so spoilt, when my former best friend moved that distance away, I think I managed to visit him once only (after his first baby was born) as he was 'soooo far away'. Maybe you guys need to move here :D

Kali said...

ahhh...congratulations :D :D
You guys can work it out! You seem less stressed- Good :)

Banupriya said...

Glad your exam went well Sakshi!!! Yes true, hard days dont last long... So have a big big smile now.. It suits you..

About the 2 hour distance -- Metro cities come with this problem of time and travel..You guys will soon find a way out..

Bikram said...

ONLY 2 hours .. stop moaning .. :) its just a hurdle you will cross.

All the best for the result again you will do good
take care now and smile :)


Sakshi said...

Thank God to hear from you. I thought that you had disappeared!
I think that we should move to Auusiie land :) except that markets close down too soon there!!

Yes, I am less stressed. But the results are freaking me out!

I know set of problems just don't seem to end!

I hope so, about the results!!! :)

Suruchi said...

congratulations sakshi...and two god...but don't u worry. i ams ure shoy has it all worked out n love would find a way;-)

Jack said...


I never had any doubt about your clearing this examination. Life is full of hurdles but we need to face these with smile and optimistically.

Take care

Wicked Witch of the West said...

I did kinda disappear :D But of course when I reappear this is one of the first places I show up :)

Yesss you guys should move here - we now have shops open until 9pm as of September if that will help convince you :D Plus, it is cheap and easy to go back to India from here for necessary shopping trips (I just can't find everything I 'need' here or in the US, so that is totally necessary :D)