Thursday, February 17, 2011

"When it rains, IT POURS"

And my life is nothing short of this F-I-V-E letter quote. These five words describe everything that I am going through now.
It has been by far one of the WORST, WORST week ever. The next week could be even more so, but right now its BAD and there is still Friday left.
And oh, just in case you are wondering; in all respects, i.e. Personal and professional,

Boyfriend is MAD at me. And this is an understatement. Mad, doesn't describe even an iota of his anger towards my attitude in general. So, I am screwed. Majorly. Screwed.
 So this one is for him,

I am really sorry for hurting you. I really am. 
I am So so Sorry! I miss you and I love you! Alot!

The days of the Boss being a Bitch have officially begun. My boss and the Senior Ms. P, have been taunting me for the last two days about my 'early' departures from office; this is despite the fact, that Ms. P has already left office, and am still here. I have been told stories about how Ms.P met her sister and her brother-in-law after three years and that too just for a couple of hours. Her big sacrifice in the name of the profession.
My question remains-  What is wrong if I finish all my work of the day and leave office on time?  Is it the quality of work that is important, or the number of hours you sit in office more important?

Then there is this Bar Exam  that is coming up in less than a two weeks, there are TWENTY  subjects that I have to cover. Even though it is an open book exam, if I flunk this one, Whole career is set back to almost one whole year, till the time it happens again. Yes, you can add the embarrassment bit amongst the contemporaries too, considering the fact that, I topped college!

Life is on a roll, and it pouring problems from all directions!
Miss me if I die!   


Bikram said...

oh ho.. Take some deep breadths and calm down first.. no use making decision or doing naything with anger in ur head ...

and I am sure He will understand and you guys will be jsut fine ..

Actually this work thing i am hearing a lot, one of my friends is also going through something like this back in india , the manger is giving problems.. and i am amazed at the mentality of the manager and how they treat there TEAM..

My suggestion to you is CALM Down and take a few days off from work and concentrate on these exams ..

I hope and pray all settles down for you and like anything else this will also pass over Dont worry ...

take care now and God bless


Kali said...

I HATE that too you know! I wish problems were divided in quotas and a little bit was given frequently. Not everything ALL AT ONCE!
I'm sure he'll're just stressed. Ah...good luck for the exams! Just focus on that and don't worry- Remember! You are the topper. You can do anything. You have 14 days :) You can do it :)

Banupriya said...

This is nothing for you dear !!! Remember you are born to succeed!! No worries at all.. Shayon will definitely understand that you are majorly tensed on the work front with all ur exams coming up..So just chill..Do not think about outcome, stay positive and you will come up in flying colours.

ALl the best for your exams. And forget about your boss. You are too smart to handle this dear..

Arooj said...

Boss Psychology :-)

well congrats you people are having world cup at your land..must be enjoying it.

Jack said...


Caught up with pending posts finally. So sweet of you to write about Kashvi. She does deserve not only this but much more. Enjoyed frank "mush" posts. May you always feel love. Anger is passing phase, it will blow over soon. Unfortunately people think one who spends long hours in office is the one who really works least realising that reason for spending long hours can only be two, first one being inefficient and second being no one wants that person's company. In today's time there could be third reason too, surfing net for you know what during all the time spent in so called working hard. Relax, you will do well in coming examination.

Take care