Monday, June 27, 2011

Office Laptop...

"Fake it till you make it"

This is the mantra that we are taught often in our dance class!
It is normally an exercise so that we develop the attitude, and start [read: stop] thinking and dancing outside the box.
But you won't believe, this philosophy works really well, in the real life as well.
If you are in an expectations zone, and you get hurt.. then either you can cry about it, and mull over it.. or you fake it. Even to your heart, about being strong, about telling yourself, over and over again that, it doesn't matter. That there is a life beyond the thing that has gone wrong!

The boyfriend has been explaining to me for last so many weeks, that I need to move on, and that I have to be professional in my approach to the people in office. The emotional me, is just not ready to move on. * an immensely stupid thing to do, trust me!*

So, Ms. P, ignored me on my face. I said nothing. I smiled.
And today, I go to FB, I try to find Ms. V, because I need to pass on some information to her, to help her.. and what do I find, that she is no longer listed in my friend list. I finally find her. Send her the message that I had to. And, I feel like shit!
I have no idea, why she 'un-friended' me. And I don't intent to even find out. But yes, it does hurt you alot. The fact that, even when you do nothing, just follow the orders, try to adjust to the new situations [read: new office] and make the best out of it- You are coldly ignored.

To be honest, I feel like crying. But, I am not. I am going to be a strong person. And, she is just a colleague. Nothing more. As a matter of fact, with the attitude that P & V have shown me, they have lost respect in my eyes. Yes, they have. Oh, MDR, is chilled as ever. He had made it very clear to me that, long distance relationship, even if it is two offices in the same city, just don't work out. So, he will act like a cool dude.

Here is a decision that I am going to stick to. No more 'feelings' in the whole office business. You are my senior, I am your junior. I ask you a question, you answer my question. That is it. I have to grow out of this nonsense. And, I am going to grow up. And move ahead! 


Jack said...


This shows you are growing up. Office is office. Even while working in the organisation of family, one needs to keep personal relation for off working hours.Have cordial relations, be respectful to those senior, guide to juniors and polite to all including office help staff. Out of office you may be very friendly with your boss but that to within acceptable limits by both of you.

Take care

Rachit said...

Can't comment much on office politics yet things have changed now, even fb friendship matters to us nowadays!

Suruchi said...

we all learn by our own experiences...jab tak lagte nahi hain, samajh nahi aate...
but glad that the growing up has begun...may u stay miles away form office politics:)

and you are stronger than you think:-)

Sakshi said...

@Uncle J
I will keep your advice in mind :)

Sakshi said...

Its not about the friendships on FB, its about the friendship factor in the real world also!

Sakshi said...

I learn the hard way, but never the less, I am learning!