Thursday, July 14, 2011

And we are going to start the Blame GAME!

This is what the nth time that our country has been attacked?

It is Mumbai again. After the ordeal of 26/11, just when the calmness was returning to the city, the terrorists decide to blast off again.
There is nothing that you and me can do in such a situation, except pray that all our loved ones are safe, and pray for the souls who unknowingly become pawns in this game of power.

Soon, the investigation will start. The buck will be passed, maybe, some terrorist will be caught, more likely, a terror outfit by tomorrow morning take the responsibility of the blasts.
And the what?

Investigation. Case. The blame game, where public will blame the government, the opposition will blame the government, the government will blame someone..
But will that really solve the problem?

Correct me if I am wrong.. Had there been ANY government- would they have been able to prevent what has happened? Would, any government take a stance against our troubled neighbours, put its foot down and say, enough!
Will any government do that?
Because, lessons in Political Science do not encourage war. An unintended war as a rash decision will only leave more wounded than healed...
Then what can we do?

Yes, the government should send a very STRICT message across the border.. and that would be hanging Kasab ASAP.
It should put its foot down and say, that as long as the neighbours want co-operation, they should stop sending unfriendly, uncouth visitors to our doorstep. Else, stop ALL aid to our dear neighbours. No more operations or medical treatment to any one across the border. No more aid to their flood affected areas... and no more of being friendly with them.. at ANY level.
Yes, I know, I sound like an autocratic ruler, but when they have no measure of remorse in their hearts or intentions about killing/injuring hundreds of innocent people, why should we?
All the humanity of the world is only in an Indian?

And, I reiterate - That NO religion, whatsoever, talks about killing of innocent men, women or children! All religions of the world preach only Love and Humanity. And, someone really needs to get this message across to the estranged men and women, who in the name of upholding their Gods, kill people.
It is time, that the World unites to stop any & all violence that has origin in the name religion.
But First,
Let India stand united in the face of adversity, and Indians, leave behind the facade of being a Hindu/Muslim/Sikh/Issai/ Parsi/Naga...etc.. and start Being a Human first!

I pray for all the injured for a speedy recovery and pray for peace for the families who have lost their loved ones!

A special applause to Twitter & Facebook, instant updates and help was being offered while the city of Mumbai was in panic. See, there is still some sensibility left in us.. lets spread it! 


RiĆ  said...

At least u cud write such a long post...i cud barely write a few lines! Wish and hope that the politicians find and read this...yes the work done by some ppl on fb and twitter is truly commendable.

Bikram said...

Y r we blaming anyone OTHER then ourself ..
It us the citizens of India who ar eto be blamed for all this.. WE chose the leaders

and in a weeks time we will move on .. as we do with anything that happens


Jack said...


I am with you on this issue. No ( R ) NO religion preaches violance against unarmed, old, women, innocents or children. It is the vested interest of a handful who misguide persons for their personal agenda. I also fully agree if we stand together as INDIANS without any thoughts of region or religion, we can ferret out such criminals from amongst us. Would our honourable POLITICIANS let that happen? If they do, what will happen to their vote bank?

Take care

♪♪Happy Go Lucky♪♪ said...

I totally agree! So well said Sakshi!
and yes, people do seem to be getting more sensible and conscious. I mean myself too. I updated about the blasts too, for the first time. So yes, humanity and sensibility aren't dead :)