Monday, July 25, 2011

Aami Ashche

As each day passes by, brick by brick, my heart weighs down. I have no idea, how do I react.
I know that it is not easy for you to say that, "Take it as a fact" and this time there is nothing, nothing that I can do to stop you.
To compel you to stay back.

The other day when I was talking to BFF, she was dismayed too. Already saddened by the idea of me following you to Mumbai. My second home.

I have been trying. Really hard too, to be a strong a girl, to make myself understand that, there is no other option. This time, unfortunately there is none.
I know, I have to let you go. I know, that, now, I will have to fill my evenings either with work, or with video chats. So near, yet so far.

The impending moment. The moment of truth, too shall come. Will, I be able to see you off at the airport, I don't think so. Yes, I will cry too, at the helplessness, that I am faced with at the hands of fate.
Worse of, all, I will always live in the fear of going wrong, doing wrong..
Just the fact that you are at an arms length, made life so easy. Now knowing that you wont be around, will make it unbearable. With nothing to look forward to in the evenings.. no bunking office to catch on the romance.. but worse of all, I will miss the hugs, that always reassured me, that even if all the world is going to hell, ours is right here, in peace even in the worst of storms!
Oh, baby, I will Miss You!

Just, one little request my love, at the airport, don't say please don't say bye.. leave me with hope and instead say "aami ashche"


RiĆ  said...

Aah :( i have been there...its incredibly hard to b in a long distance relationship. I hope u both tide thru this phase. Technology is prime here though, blackberry, skype and other means shud help u keep in touch with him at all times.

Suruchi said...

awwwwwwwwww....big hugs...the love story will complete soon Sakshi...
a little more patient baby:)

and don't worry about faltering-you are stronger and the love is strongest now:-)

Unknown said...

I seriously doubt I am gonna say "aami ashche" at the airport. But yeah, chances are, I might say "aami ashchhi" ;-)

And well, don't try too hard. There's nothing called "wrong". Whatever happens, there's always a reason behind it. Remember my theory of "greater good"? And anyway, I have always gotten you out of muddy situations. Ek baar aur sahi! :)

Unknown said...
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Jack said...


Relax. Things are going to be absolutely fine BREAK KE BAAD. Do not forget to give your Mumbai address before you too move there.

Take care

Anuradha said...

Moving to Mumbai ?

Sakshi said...


Its not that, we haven't been there. It is just that, the last time we were in the long distance, I did a major screw up! I just do not want us to fall through that all over again!

Sakshi said...


I know how much is it YOU who believes! I think more than me, you have been the one who has been super confident that, our love story will have a happily ever after.
So I am going to sought your support and friendship, all the time.

Sakshi said...


Yes, I know, I have messed up the bengali there. But I am learning! Give me the credit of that, at least!

I don't doubt a thing that you have re assured me of. It is just that, I don't think that I am ready to let you go. Not Now. But, then again, it is not about choices any more. It is about the growing up!

Sakshi said...

@Uncle J

LOl! Sure Uncle. Let me first move to mumbai, atleast.. :P

Sakshi said...

Na re, I am right here! It's Shayon who is moving back!