Monday, October 24, 2011


It is a bad idea to get all emotional high when you are drunk.. especially if it is a week- night.. because you end up having a huge head ache, thanks to not only the alcohol, but also to all the crying and anger bouts!!
Just a tip!

The good things about my rants though is, that, I fight it out with the bf. And, he knows, how to handle me in such situations. So after, like 30 odd minutes of hearing me go all 'Blah Blah.. I am so mad at the world' he manages to steer the topic to movies and SRK.. and that is the end of the angry bird.
Well, the only thing that is nagging me about that night is the best friend's diamond ring.. some people are born lucky, I guess. I mean, she has the looks, and she is talented, has a brain of her own, and has a super rich boyfriend. Yes, I do get J.
But, then, I know, I have something special too. I may get really mad at people and their materialistic gains, but, I know how to find my happiness in the smaller things of life. *Best friend did not get the down on the knees proposal.. that I got.. even though the ring did not have the diamond.. it did have the intentions and the love behind it, that is WAY much more than what a diamond can be priced at!! :D*

It is the festive and the wedding season.. and after all the hoo hoopla.. my bua and her husband leave tomorrow for Goa. And, we have a wedding guest at our house too. And, it is the happy jolly mood, with a lot of women throwing a lot of tantrums around. My poor father can only take so much.
At one point today in my house, I had SO many people, that, it sounded like a fish market.. EVERYONE talking all at once! :P
The family that had come to our place, was my grandfather's best friend and his family. They are one big family *touch-wood*, who always come together to us on Diwali, or even on other occasions! This uncle, he and his entire family is that of lawyers. And, trust me, he was the happiest person, when he saw me in my robes in the Supreme Court. He strictly told my father.. that this girl is not going in corporate. Let her join the profession as is!

Any which ways, the wedding is almost on our head. I have all the jitters possible in my stomach. No, I know, that the wedding will be fine.. but then the newest song will start playing in the loop of the relatives.. 'Sakshi ki shaadi kab hai'  I have been cornered like so many times in the last two days.. actually in the last 10 odd days, all I have been hearing is, that NOW the time is right.. plan your marriage and get married. My sister is feeding fire to the flames.. and leaving no stone upturned lest, something comes up.
I have to like a diplomatic person, go around the question of 'So, have you found the guy or you want us to find you one??' Since, my parents have not yet made any commitments on my relationship and my marriage. My mother of course is on a completely path/page/universe.. I foresee a major collusion.. God help me here. It is going to be bad couple of days as far as my marriage goes. Brother's wedding, will of course be, one the most remembered.. and I really hope for all the right reasons!

I hope you all are having fun, preparing for Diwali.. and the festivities!


Tangled up in blue... said...

Wow, I can just about imagine you in those black robes at the SC! Whoa completely awesome! :) And enjoy the Diwali wedding! :) And a piece of advice about whatever mayhem you may foresee - cross that bridge when you come to it. Happy Diwali, Sakshi! :)

Jack said...


Nice to see you back to normal self. It is ok to get high once in a while. I appreciate your sense of getting happiness from small things in life and that shows that it will be good in the long run. May God bless you both with this understanding for long time togetherness. All will be fine and am looking forward to date now.

Take care

Alka Gurha said...

Good luck Sakshi...end mein sab theek ho jaata hai...Wish that you find your happiness.

Sakshi said...

Those Black robes look super regal.. but then I am glad that I have some colour in my life :)

Sakshi said...

@Uncle J
Thanks :) Well, once in a while it is great fun to just get high and forget the world! :P

Sakshi said...

The world works with 'All is well that ends well!!'

♪♪Happy Go Lucky♪♪ said...

Everything happens for the best and Sakshi ki shaadi will happen at the right time too! :)
Its so cool that you're not getting into Corporate law. :)