Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Reservation starts right on the Top!

A very insightful and an extremely educative discussion with a colleague in the office triggered this blog post. Honestly speaking, the, conclusion about the fact, that the reservation starts at the top hit me like a bolt of lightening and yes, it truly was a revelation.

We were not really talking about the reservation in the job sector , education sector etc done by the government. As a matter of fact, we were talking about the 'Vaman' avatar of Lord Shri Krishna, wherein the God had come earth to save the earth from a demon king.
You don't have to hear this entire story to actually know the moral of the story, that being, that Good always prevails over the bad!

Now, the thing about reservation here was, that, have you ever wondered that, all the demons and the atyachaari kings that the Gods have come to earth to kill, happen to reach Heaven? And that they become the lucky ones to be killed by God, and attain the highest order of after death ranking i.e 'Mukti'.
Now, the other cadre of people who attain this Mukti are the Saints, the people who have left their 'Moh' and 'Maya' behind, and have embraced the way of God.
But what happens to us?
The 'General' class, who are neither the Demon kings nor the Saints, who leave behind everything to embrace God.. why are we instilled  with the fear of God, and who are also told that in case we do not live in the fear of the Almighty we for sure will be in the cycle of million births and may also be born as low life's!

And, what exactly are we the cadre of General Class doing? Living our lives. On the norms that have been set by a society. In case, those norms are broken, there have been instances that have been publicized of those of honor killing!

Isn't it ridiculous, that the general people, the mango people, as we are commonly known, do only what is expected out of us to do- We are born. We study. We get married. Take  care of our responsibilities while struggling with the daily grind of life. And then we die. And in between all of this, we are not even guaranteed 'Mukti', because we do not fall in the category of either being a saint or being a sinner.

It is like sitting for your Board Exams and wondering that even if I score a 95%, there will be someone from the 'Reserved' category with lower marks who will get in the college, and then there will be no seat. And then there will be the super rich who will send their children abroad.. and then you wish that you were not the mango person that you are! Unsure about your future, because, you are what you are and not the 'Reserved' one!

But, then Reservation has been done by Almighty himself, when the Almighty can't guarantee you a decent life after Death, especially since you have done nothing extraordinary.. this is just your Life. Governed if not by the norms of the society then by the norms of the Government.. who squeezes everything out of you.. after all.. you and I, we are just Mangoes!


Rachit said...

Truly agree.. even the Gods demarcates.. also haven't you thought about why the people are inclined towards good or bad.. 'coz even the Karma in last birth was being ruled and governed by the God Himself. So then why he traces us for bad when he can let us go for good. Confusing na ?

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Jack said...


Liked the category Mango People. LOL. But even mango is special, isn't it? A thoughtful post hinting even God to do dereservations before we seek the same from government. I know there are too many norms set by society, some of which have bearing while most are just restrictions. We need to apply our mind to see what is logical and has scientific reason behind and do what our conscience allows. Blind faith or blind following something or someone is never healthy.

Take care

Rià said...

The last paragraph summed it all up perfectly!! Don't have words to say coz u seem to have said it all.

♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

You are an amzing writer I swarr I can not think like that .So impresses .May you write more :).

♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

You are an amzing writer I swear, I can not think like that .So impress .May you write more :).

Ashutosh said...

@ Sakshi..
awesome comparison, God ko bhi nahi chhoda :P

You know wat i am not totally against reservation, i favor it but at the root levels of primary education and not at the level of competetive exams and jobs, having said that i still believe that this cndition is brought by us only..We have treated the so called minority cast people so badly in past that it resulted in rebellious fight of rights that is now called as reservation.

As far as your blog is concerned,in our Shastra its mentioned that 'Nirvana' ya 'Mukti' can only be achieved if either you are killed by God or you think of God in your last minutes. The Great demons like Ravana, Kans, Hiryanaksh, Hiryankashapu etc and i am using Great coz they were genius and highly skilled people chose the former an Saints chose the later of the way to get 'Mukti'
which in short means you have to be special and not just General guy.

Even evolution theory says that its all about the survival of fittest. :)

Once again..nice post :)

Ashutosh said...
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