Friday, November 4, 2011

I am blue

Post holiday depression setting in!!!
No, don't get worried, it is the lull after the storm.. no more phone calls, no more getting the clothes and the things organized for the wedding... so the silence is weird.
Even though there is another wedding to be planned *I am not a major player here*, the whole wedding in my house thing is over now.
The next wedding in the house thing will be for me. So no point hoping for anything else at all, because there is no one other than me who is left for getting married! ;P

The detailed Goa post, shall come.
I am still sorting the million things that I took along with me and getting the winter wardrobe in place.. it is chilly here!!!

Also, I promise to read and comment all of you all's blogs. I am right here, only a little disoriented!


Jack said...


Welcome back. Please do take adequate rest. Looking forward to detailed post on wedding and your performance with photographs.

Take care

Bikram said...

yes .. its good na .. all done now ready for the D day to arrive ..

you had fun in goa then and everything will get sorted as and when time comes ...

Take ur time :)