Wednesday, November 16, 2011

November Update!!!

Yes there are things other than weddings that are also happening my life. Please appreciate the fact that this is the wedding season.. and like Best Friend puts it, we are in that age group, where most of our friends are getting ready to get married.
So, yes, one of my closest college friend is getting married, making me realize that my time too is near. It is just weird though, because the whole thing that I will have to leave my house, to go in to another house and make it mine and live there, all my life.
The whole leave behind all your life and picking up the pieces anew is a scary thing. It makes me nervous. Because, I know that life is gonna take a 360 degree turn and I can't do anything about it. Because ironically getting married to the bf is one thing that I really want.

Office is going great. *touch wood*. There is work. And my kind of work. My only complaint is my salary. :|
I wish that they would increase it soon.
Since my desk at office had a previous owner, it's drawers were not empty. I would tell her to clear it, and she would forget it. 
Today, I cleared em for her. Put my stuff in it. And made the desk my own. In all respects. I am no more a tenant. I have become the owner and a part of the firm completely. 
Yes, bitterness at being cold shouldered by the extension office a.k.a previous office, does creep in. But I am managing. I am slowly forgetting.
There is the Delhi Judicial Services exam that is coming up. Since it is in Delhi, no point hiding it from the college batch mates, coz I have been told that my entire batch and the batch junior to me are all giving that paper. No, I am not hopeful at all. Though, I am trying to study very hard. 
Can you imagine, that me being a SRK fan has not watched Ra.One. Yup, I am upset. But now it is hardly on at any nearest cinema ghar. So to make up for that, I am going to watch Tintin this Saturday. At any cost.
I miss having bf in town. There is hardly anybody that I can go out with. I went out for a coffee today, after ages. :| 
And I have been told by a million people that I need to loose weight.. someone inspire me to get rid of the lazy me!! :(
Lastly, I have become super obsessed with the song 'Katiya Karoon' from Rockstar. It just doesn't get outta my head! And the weirder part is that, when it was released I just did not like it. I started liking the song only after I watched the movie, which by the way is good in parts. I absolutely did not like the second half. The movie could have been crisper and shorter. Somehow the dots just did not connect in the second half.. I absolutely loved the first half. It was just right. Nargis Fakhri, well, can't act. Ranbir Kapoor has out done himself. And A.R. Rahman is back with a bang. His music had become repetitive but in Rockstar, he has proved again why was he given that Oscar!!! Also if you go watch the movie, don't miss the dance sequence that introduces Nargis Fakhri, that has been choreographed by The Danceworx, the place where I danced and my dear darling instructor R was in there and I saw him shouted, 'Oh my God, that is R!!' in the hall in a loud voice!! :) 
Just a little help here- I need to gift a friend couple of ours something for their engagement- and somehow, can't think of something nice.. please suggest!! Thanks :)  


Bikram said...

I heard that song and it looks good , its a old punjabi folk song changed ..

and RA one you have not watched well you are not missing anything :)

all the best for the exam ...


Jack said...


Relax, everything will work out very nicely and you will settle down so happily that it will make you wonder you had such thoughts ever. So you evicted the unauthorised occupier, well you are better than our system for evictions of such persons who continue staying in what was allotted when it was their due. Best of luck for DJS examination.

Take care

RiĆ  said...

Well I am SRK fan too but i didnt bother watching Ra One as i heard terrible reviews abt it. :( Anyways, i liked Rockstar despite all its flaws coz Ranbir was simply amazing...Loved JJ to the core. And yep Nargos can't act, but the opening dance sequence was really good.

Suruchi said...

Even I have not seen RAONE and apparently not missed much-though more tragically I have not seen Rockstar and you are the only one I've heard of whose not as happy with it!

And marriage and weight loss-dono aise cheezen hain jo hamare haath mein mahi hain-so bhagwan pe chodh do...and apparently the boyfriend issue bhi:-)

Neo said...

Don't waste money on Tintin. It's crap.

Sakshi said...

I figured that it must be an old punjabi song.. because the lyrics are just LOVELY!! :)

Thanks for the wishes :)

Sakshi said...

@Uncle J
Getting worried is sorta in the nature :)
Thanks :)

Sakshi said...

I don't care if it is good or bad.. I was waiting for it and I really wanted to see it :P

Sakshi said...

Bhagwaan pe chodne se weight loss nahin ho raha hai.. I am growing fatter by the day! SIGH!!

Sakshi said...

I did not!! Din see it!

Haddock said...

I won't ask about RaOne , but hope you did not miss the other one (Tintin)
I am recommending it left right and center.