Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Letter to a 15 year old

I read this letter on TUIB's blog, a letter to a 15 year old you, by a preset you.. found it super interesting.. and therefore attempting it. 

Dear 15 year old Sexy,
Or hitler!
Isn't that what they call you in school?! Considering you are more chummy with the boys and go about 'hitting them'all the time!

It is the board year and I know that you are stressed! But don't be... you end up doing very well for yourself!
I know mom is being paranoid, but don't hold it against her, she is always competitive about you being better than the rest! ;)

What you really need to make up your mind about is, what do you want to do with your life, as a career choice. If you stick to your ground then you will have no issues at all in life!
But in case you are wondering, don't, you are gonna be a classic example of 'all is well that ends well'
Your inner desires will prevail over your dumb dreams! Just try not being overshadowed by the books you are reading!

Arushi will eventually grow up to be your best friend! And you will fight for her!

Since, what is writ can't be changed, if you can, then dont change your school!
That is something you will regret for the rest of your life!

You are going to find again the friendship that you had lost thanks to stupid teenage mentality! And this time to last beyond the teenage dramas!

Girl, be confident of your choices and about yourself! Opinions are important but they are just that, please learn to listen to your heart and voice your thoughts accordingly!

Just be strong, okay?
There are gonna be losses beyond your wildest dreams, just be strong through the low tides of life, trust me you will gain much more than what you will lose!

Lastly, this is gonna be THE best best year of your life, just enjoy it with your heart and soul!

Yours forever,
25 something!

PS: Waxing is painful! Just don't get bogged down coz of extra hair on your arms and please- DONT use hair removal cream on your under arms!


Jack said...


Times gone by well reflected.

Take care

Tangled up in blue... said...

Awesome letter, Sakshi! :) Isn't this an absolutely wonderful idea? I'm so glad so many people are liking it and emulating it on their blogs! Yay, we've created such a lovely meme! :)

And yes, I do agree about the hair removal cream! ;)

Alka Gurha said...

A heartfelt letter....nostalgic reflection.

Suruchi said...

That's such a heartfelt and sensible yet light advice for which any 15 years old would love this 25 years old...

I hope the bad/sad mood from the previous post is better...warna call me, mil kar bad mood share kar lenge:(

♪♪Happy Go Lucky♪♪ said...

I saw this post too! I did it but didn't publish it. :P
Loved how you did it!!! :)

And the ps.
OMG howwww I wish I'd told my 15 year old self that!! :/