Sunday, November 17, 2013

Looking Back.. The Anniversary Week Begins

Last year exactly at this time, I was gearing up for the first of the many functions that were going to begin for my wedding.
Tonight, I am sitting in my room. The Husband is out with his friends. The dog is sleeping and tomorrow is just another Monday.

Sometimes I remark that I had too long a wedding, it almost spanned one month and 3 cities. But at times like today, I feel glad that I had such a long wedding. I at least have more memories to cherish.

So a crazy year has gone by. A year in a different house, as a part of a different family, and slowly realising that you are also a different person altogether.
People say that a lot changes after marriage, I only wished and still hope that I am able to keep alive in me the pre-wedding self, whilst I discover the new grown up and a more mature post wedding self.

Here is a low down on the year of being married:
Whilst the honeymoon trip was good, the honeymoon period did not really last (between Husband and me, we never really had that whole honeymoon period gig, even when we were dating).
When the adults used say that "Shaadi koi khel nahin hai", I guess they said out of loads of experience, because marriage my dear readers is a very serious business with the tag of expectation attached to it.
It is a lot more about a lot of other things than the couple (In India, it is about the families more than the two people who are married to each other).

Also, marriage is a great teacher of and advocates "Letting Go", the anger, pride, ego and at times even things that make you happy.
Marriage teaches you the true meaning of "sharing is caring" and the exact definition of "Compromise".

But, Marriage also teaches you how one person suddenly becomes more important than the rest of the world, and how you strive to make that one person happy.
For a person like me, it also teaches you how to cook, clean, make a bed, and everything that a home maker can do.
Marriage teaches you togetherness and loneliness at the same time.

And above all it teaches you the true meaning of "Love".

Yeah, by now you all must have realised that so far as I am concerned the first year of marriage has been nothing short of a roller coaster ride, and there have been times that I felt like leaving it all behind. But then, something holds you on, something as simple as a fact that the husband usually has to crush me during the night in cuddle when he comes to sleep.

I am still learning and so is the husband. We have taken the added responsibility of the Dog, and suddenly we are also expected to have a baby soon too :P (I tell you the expectations).

But nevertheless, this is just the beginning of our lives together and this is amongst the first few milestones that we would cross together.. Here is to being married and to holding on.

Happy 1st Marriage Anniversary...

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Sorcerer said...

Happy Anniversary.
Quiet a nice and realistic post.
Enjoyed it