Sunday, December 15, 2013

The wheels of time have changed

On my way back from a long long break to Delhi.. My mind wanders.
I am in a train, so the time for thoughts to come and go is a lot.

So, the purpose of this trip to Delhi was My Best Friends Wedding. Finally, she too is married and right now as I write this, is on her honeymoon in hawaii.

It was a long.. Long wedding. 10 days, with breaks of course.. But 10 days nevertheless. I was running around and I was dancing. In middle of hardly eating anything, dancing away, getting the mehndi done, doing the last minute market  runs, reminiscing my own wedding, crying on her vidai.. The wedding festivities were over. The husband and parents felt neglected through these few days.  Poor husband got bored stiff. Hence, I think.. Now I will just ask him to come for the wedding day function only for any other and further close family weddings. Because I being me have to run around, and him being him was well not really in his place of comfort. 
The wedding was lavish.
Both the BFF and her husband's family are much better off financially than what we are.
We danced, made merry, and then suddenly we realised that it was time for to start a new life.
And then the third bachpan ka dost ki wife spoke, Ah, now all three of you are married. I smiled at the realisation then.
I smile, with melancholy now.

I tried to remember the years that we have been friends for.. Memories.. But we have spent so much of our lives together that there are far too many and too varied.
What I did realise was that.
We have all grown up. Now, we are out of the shadow of our parents, trying to make our relationships with a new family and in a new world.
Times have changed.

All I hope is that our friendship flourishes.

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Divya said...

It's that time for me too when all my friends and near and dear ones are getting married - it feels as if time has just flown by and I still don't feel grown up yet.....With new relationships, priorities change and marriage is a totally new wishes to your friend and I am sure that the friendship will flourish despite some changes :)