Thursday, May 21, 2015

Time- Hop Hop Hop

There are things that I want to write. 
I start composing a post in my head, and by the time I sit down, tackle the laziness, and open my blog page to finally write, I would have forgotten the issue that I wanted to write about. 

I have also forgotten the thrill that blogging use to bring to me, the friends that would comment and the long long discussions that have happened on this blog. 

Things have changed, people have changed and in the last three odd years, I too have changed. Whenever, I go see the memories on Facebook (yeah, you have that feature on facebook) or for that matter on Timehop (yeah, there is an app too for that!!), I wistfully smile, thinking about the past. The good times, the frustrations, and the future that I had imagined for myself. 

Is it the same? 

When I sit back and think about that, I believe that each of our actions mould the future that we will have. You can't really overthink about how things ought to happen. 
Because, when life happens, all your plans fall apart. 

You need some real magic to be able to stay on the track that you have in your mind imagined. And, twist of fate, like they call, is always a challenge to conquer. 

I can timehop into the past thanks to all the memories, but can't hop into the future, because each day is different than what you have imagined. Now and always! 

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