Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Khel Kismat Ka

There is a very popular saying in Hindi:

"Samay se pehle, aur
Kismet se zyaada kissi ko nahin milta" 

And while I am trying to be positive about things in life after the incident yesterday, I would really like some divine intervention. So a colleague got confirmed at the number 1 law firm in the country. And the entire process of how he got it is nothing more than divine intervention. So some random senior to whom he had cribbed about in his position in his previous job recommended his name and then he got a call from there and he was hired. Just like that. In three days. 
Me on the other hand have been trying to break into the whole top tier law firm scene from like 5 years now and NOTHING seems to work. No calls out of the blue, despite the networks and me being so good at keeping in touch. 
No nothing. 
Not even a single interview call forget a fucking job offer. 
It's like this is not in my destiny. I mean- as of now I just don't know what my career destiny is. I am trying not to panics and I am trying to be patient and positive. 
I however- can't see any signs. I can't see anything right now. But, I know that I am trying like hell. 

There is after all another saying in Hindi: 
"Kehte hain kismet haathon Ki lakeeron mein hoti hai; 
Par kismet toh unki bhi hoti hai jinke haath nahin hote." 

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