Thursday, August 27, 2015

For Friends!

It is not often that I have a carefree holiday. (Yes, you can re-read it!)

I have panic attacks as soon as it is time for the holidays to get over. This time, this weekend, it was different. There was eclectic music, two mad guys and one even more mad girl and a lot of conversation. There was alcohol, and a sense of ease.
The conversation for one was easy flowing, we talked about music and madness. We talked through things that we usually won't talk through, we walked half way up some caves (Karla) and decided that it was too much, and instead landed at Matheran to have "Lunch", travel by horse (We all are still sore on our bummies) and then a sumptuous lunch later decided to walk down towards our car!
And, oh the amount of alcohol that we consumed was well, I believe not enough. We could have had more.

But mostly, I remember when we were driving back towards Mumbai, via Matheran through the old highway and the winding roads with the greenery, where in the background there was some english music and the bantering of two old friends, and I was for once at peace. Knowing that the Husband knows how I feel. Seeing that he is capable of yapping (not that I have not seen him do that, but not seen him do that with a guy friend per se) away to glory and to top it all, the feeling of finding a new well wisher who I truly know that wishes the best for both the Husband and me. It is humbling to know and have such friends.
And I am grateful to the Husband for choosing wisely. I am thanking my stars and a little bit of who I am that made me approach our friend Mr. Loon (yeah, I am gonna call him that)( I have been rechristened as Penguin.. so Yeah!) and to be able to pull this weekend off. I am really excited to plan another holiday with Mr. Loon and the Husband (It is also nice to boss two guys!! :P).

And Monday, I met a fellow blogger but now mostly one of my closest friends Kashvi. And oh boy, it was fun, randomly going around Mumbai, hopefully not torturing her with a lot of market(ing) thingy!! It was just great to catch up.  Kashvi and I go back to the initial blogging days (about good 6-7 years back) and oh boy, I have seen this girl change (in a good way), I see a confident girl (with her drama intact), I see traits in her that make me proud of her. It takes strength to just live the life that we are living and it takes another level of conviction to take it head on, to be able to take decisions and to be proud of them. I am super proud of you darling and world is your oyster.. Go for it!!

There is nothing in this world that makes me happier to know that I have friends who don't judge. Who talk. Without inhibition, and with a lot of love. It is on days like these that I count my blessings and hope and pray that there are more days when happiness is inhibited and pure!


Bikram said...

it is a beautiful beautiful world with friendsssss


Neo said...

I'm so glad we got a chance to catch up this time, and I really hope we don't have to wait another couple of years to see each other again because I love you too much for that! <3

Kali said...

Ahhhh you guys met up. This is great! <3