Monday, March 21, 2016

The Dinner Parties

The Husband and I have become "that kind of couple", you know the ones who just love to host a dinner party or two or three or maybe even more at our house. It is something that I have seen my parents doing through out my years at their house.

We would always have some one or the other over to our house couple of times in a month. There were at least two dinners a month. And as the accessibility of the restaurants etc became more the dinner parties were shifted outside the house to them or to our trusty club.
But, it was always the highlight of the year the lunches/ dinners and even high teas that we had at our house. The successful completion of that was a sense of euphoria.

Now that I am married, and we have our own space to call our friends, and in the last 3.5 years, that has been an exhilarating experience to say the least!
We had our first dinner party in March 2013 (Wow)! It was also to break into the friend circle once again, and to put ourselves on the social scene. And the rest like they say is history.

The whole process of selecting a menu appropriate for guests, to the drinks, to get the house in order and to ensure that everything on that day is perfect is like a personal project for me and I make sure that it becomes a project for the Husband as well.

We do have our disagreements, but at the end of the day when our guests leave happy, it makes it all worth it!

We actually hosted a couple of friends the last weekend and now we have a major project of hosting my family in the coming week. This is important because, yesterday, I finally opened the last box in the house (it was my own clothes) and it will be the first time since we have moved back that I will be having my family over. It is not that they have not come to my house before in Mumbai, or that they have not seen my hospitality.. but in Delhi, it is a different feel altogether. It is closer to home and my heart.
I am so proud to have my Husband on the same page for having friends and family over. We may have our differences but this is one thing that we both love and do it with all the team work and love that we have!!

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Neo said...

Your dinner parties give me LIFE.