Monday, May 2, 2016

Turn on the HEAT!

The month of May has arrived with vengence. 
As Delhi recovers from the failed Odd- Even 2.0, the ban on the taxis run on diesel as a fuel by the Supreme Court (which was extended twice, btw) came into effect, and therefore today, the traffic was on a stanstill on the arterial roads of Delhi (because these taxi people wanted to protest). 

The temprature is being shown at 46 degrees celsius, which makes the travel to and fro  from office a free sauna experience. The only reief being that, I am driving and therefore I son't have to go through the pains of the public transport. 
Which by the way is one of the major reason's being cited by the 'experts' for the failure of the Odd-Even 2.0. 

My thing with traffic is that, people do not adhere to lane driving thus choking at the bottlenecks (especially at certain points, where everyone knows that there will be a bottle neck). 

In other news, it seems that the holiday that I was looking forward to is not happening. 

Little Sister is finally wrapping up her masters and is all set to come back for a longer period to home, before she joins the work force in full fledged capacity, and then we will be planning things according to the limited casula leaves, paid leaves and any other kind of leaves. It will be a huge thing for all of us, because, officially everyone in my family will now be in the "adult zone". Which is not a great thing. (For all that it is worth, growing up is the MOST overrated thing in the world)

I completed ONE month at my new job, and barring the cussing situation by the guys of the office, which I am getting used to, this seems okay for now. Being too optimistic about your workplace means that you are looking for an utopian situation, which vis - a vis an office is not true. 

And that is all there is to the start of May. 
Lets hope that the doubts remain as it is. 

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