Saturday, January 28, 2017

Mirror Mirror on the wall

Mirror, Mirror on the wall,
who is the fairest of them all,
not you my dear, 
Not you at all! 

You are short in height,
But worst of all you are, 
Short in sight! 

You call yourself kind, 
Look at the words you speak, 
Nothing short of thoughtless, 
And unkind! 

You say your heart is made
Of gold, 
But oh my, that gold is nothing, 
But only unreal! 

You say you love with, 
All your might? 
Maybe because love has, 
Finally made you blind! 

Listen my dear, 
Says the mirror, 
You are nothing but a blot, 
A fault, a tangle, and quite frankly, 
My dear, 
A very hard one to detangle! 

Rules are simple as that-
Don't gloat, or gloss, 
A heart with love and kindness, 
Has no dark. 
No strings attached, 
And giving being the default option! 

You are hopeless my dear, 
I hope you know that. 
But still come back to me, 
If you have changed! 
Look at me, 
And into your soul, 
Then ask the question, 
About the fairest in the world! 

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