Monday, January 9, 2017

To resolve or not to resolve, that is the question

I remember, when we were in School, the first set of discussions between friends was about the New Year Resolutions.
I just remember that. I don't remember the kind of resolutions that a school going kid/teenager would make. I mean, losing weight? Or I believe to study more and come first or something on those lines.

For the last couple of years (more like the adult life), the resolutions revolve around the weight and yeah the weight. In a workshop that I had attended about 2 odd years back, while the guy giving us the lecture was talking about goals, he said that our goals should be tangible, and hence imperative that we talk about it, or tell people what our goals are so that they can nag us to oblivion about them. So while New Year is usually a landmark day, when people decide that it is time for a new chapter and set out the resolution, I believe, that, the resolutions should instead be goals, and the resolve should be to achieve them.

Whether your resolve is out in the public, or is private to you, should be your own thing, really. I would not want to achieve a goal, any goal for that matter because of "what will the other person say", but should be my own. I should be my own judge, whether I fail or succeed. But, if your goals are achieved by being in the eye of the public, then, go that way my friend and if you want me to be the nagger, I will be more than happy (my husband, happier still).

But so far as I am concerned, my first goal is to make a set of goals, and then some how, any how, make myself stick to them. I think, my first goal should be to get rid of the Instant Gratification Monkey. And then I believe, that I shall be able to somehow reach a stage where I would be able to make resolutions and stick to them.

Though I do know that, I really do want to be a better person in 2017. Work on several things in myself to be that better person.

So here is to 2017, to new goals and a question of resolutions!

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