Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I am so freaking HAPPYYYYY...!!!

After a slew of depressing posts and lots of crankiness, finally some good news has made a headway in my life.
I was talking about going to mumbai for an internship... na?
I finally got the acceptance email from the law firm.
Ofcourse, there was a big hand of Nicole, a friend who said that she will get me the internship and she got it for me too...

It feels good, to look forward to something that you have been wanting to look forward for a long time. The only iffs and butts are the skeptical ness of my dad, who till the confirmation came was ok about me going to Mumbai.... that last hurdle is yet to be crossed.... but My God, has re-instilled faith in me... I am sure that He is not going to let me down.

I cant wait for life to take the new turns for me now that I know that green signal has come by. Oh, yeah... Thanks a ton to all others who have actually prayed that I get through the internship in Mumbai.

Thanks a ton God....!!! Keep me blessed with your blessings...!!! Love you...!!


Neo said...

Oye! Congratulations!! This is great news. Now you wont be in an LDR. Kya baat hai!

Really happy for you and keeping fingers crossed. :D

All the best.
PS: Profile pic is REALLY nice. Like, really!

Sakshi said...

Talk about flattering... well thanks a ton for the compliment. Well... atleast for the time that I am going to be in Mumbai, its not gonna be LDR...!!!

Anonymous said...

All the best !!