Monday, September 14, 2009

Tangled in a BIG mess...

Which I have created myself.
And thus take the full responsibility of it.

Today, Shayon and I almost got caught in my bhanaas, that I give at home when I am out with him.
It so happened that that I had to go to college today, last date for filling the examination forms etc. And, well, Shayon got stuck in traffic, got late for work, thus, chucked office for the day.
Yeah, that meant we could meet. So, I made the usual excuse back at home, that I am going to office from college (I have used this excuse before as well, and it works just fine); but I had forgotten a HUGE thing, that today my sister had her dance practise and her dance class is like 5 minutes from my office, so it was decided, that I would go pick her up from her class and come back home. (Simple straight plan, Shayon and I had decided, that we would go and pick her up)
Both Sis and Me forgot, that the timings of her class 7-8pm, will not be comfortable with my dad. And this is exactly what happened... Shayon and I are lounging around, not bothered about anything, when, my sis messages me- Dad is dropping me to class and coming to pick you up from office- RUSH.
And, after that- Shayon and I, actually mostly me freaked out.
We ran to catch an auto (bless the auto stand near his house) and just hoped and prayed that we don't get caught in the bluff. All the while I was urging under my breath that the auto go a little more faster, we were hitting traffic... and on top of that sis decided to message every two minutes giving moi a panic attack, Shayon was the calm one, trying to find humour in my face expression (which was very stricken, my face) Oh, and did I tell you, that he hardly freaks? I just adore his calm when I am freaked.
And, we made it in the nick of the time, thanks to the Delhi Traffic.
Dad got caught in traffic while coming towards my office...
Phew- It was close.
In retrospect, it seems like a scene from a movie- but, Thank you God, for saving my ass. It would have been a very difficult to make Dad understand, in this situation.

Oh, and in the other situation- one Mr. N.K. an associate at FML, is just getting on my nerves. He has asked me to meet him four times, I have turned him down on all the counts. I have no idea what to do with him??
Oh, I know, I can tell him about Shayon, but the conversation never goes in that direction. I can't mess this up, because he and I are in the same profession, any wrong move- I'll be ruined(big words... ), before even enrolling in the Bar.
Uffo- Yeh kya ho raha hai??
Tripping on the mess that you created? Serves you right- Mom always says- clean up the mess after playing.


Dreamcatcher said...

OMG this has happened to me so many times. Once I was in Oxford and I saw my father walk in :)
I escaped unscathed though :)

Anonymous said...

Uh oh :|

Haha it's happened to me though and I BARELY escaped so I can totally empathise!

Anonymous said...

Also this fellow... wht do you think it is?! Don't go if it's too shady :O

Jack said...


Lucky you are. But now on thinking it over I feel it is time to share it with your father. You are the better judge of course. Does your mother know? About that collegue, what is his reputation and how old is he, married or not? I may be able to suggest something once I know this.

Take care

Shalini said...

Wow!! That was so exciting!! I know the time you were going through it, your heart must have stopped beating. But when you look at this later, this will definitely be a story that will crack you up! :P

Oh, turned down four times! He should get the hint,shouldn't he? Now this is definitely a mess!

Sakshi said...

@ DC
Well, I guess some days, its just great to have all the excitement. I just belong to a family with history of Heart problems.. ;)

Thanks, gimme a few tips also, so that next time I don't go through this.
This guy- well, This Mr. N.K. is not shady. But- well I have no clue. I may just go and meet him for a cup of coffee, and just get over with. I wear, lovely rings- gold mind you and two of them in my ring finger... still people do not get the hint.

@Uncle J
No, he is not married. He may be around 30 (max). Reputation, he is an associate with one of the biggest law firms in India, and that is all i know.
And, No, my mum doesn't know, see, my parents have a problem, they can't keep things from each other. So, well, the right time, and the right place combo has to be there.

I know- I will laugh at it, but, at that time, it was really scary trust me.
That guy, did not get a hint it seems...

Ashish Gourav said...

yeah Filmy!

and its amazing that it actually happened to u :)

u must be feeling good now that God wanted u both to b safe :)

Jack said...


No need to panic. Just be formal and polite with him. Whenever he asks you out say that you have commitment and feel sorry not to accept. Do not involve Shayon as yet. If there is problem, do let me know if you wish to.

Take care

Tangled up in blue... said...

Oh my god! super filmy really! man, the powers that be must really be playing a practical joke na?

hope it never happens to me, i'm sure i'll get a heart attack right there!

yeah, and why do guys-who-never-get-the-hint end up in all the positions of power?

thats just unfair..:(

Sakshi said...

@ Ashish-
I think God has a better plann!!!

Ahem, he is not really in a position of power, but one wrong word about me, and that will spread like fire.
You know how it goes na.

Thank you.

ani_aset said...

that was close...but it gave you an instance to remember for twas good :)..what dance are you guys learning?????

Sakshi said...

@ Ani
My sister is learning Belly dancing.