Friday, February 6, 2009

My Mommy- Bestest... or What qualifies her for that Award anyways?

The recent Manglore issue, has been flared up at the various websites... especially the blogosphere, which is seeing alot of posts about the issue.
There is great thread of comments that is on this post. And there is Mrs. Smitha from Karnatka who has been sighted as the Moral police of the Blogospehere... (when did India become like China anyways.. what with Brakha Dutt and NDTV trying to sue another Blogger, for simple critique on madam Dutt....and here I was taught in Law school, that India is a democracy and that everybody has the freedom of speech and expression)

Amongst, all the comments, one thing that is really bothering me is the thing about ' Mom's being role models... when they are wearing Western clothes... or having a casual drink at a Pub'

I just have one more question, what kind of role models do the kind of Moms be, who get beaten up by their husbands everynight... or who after having an argument with their in-laws or husband, end up crying?
Aren't they teaching their kids that-
Its ok to beat up your wife after a hard days work... because- see the male has been out for the whole day and he has to take out his frustration on someone... and that it is ok, if its the wife. 
And that if you are the wife, then, its ok to get beaten up by your husband because- Pati parmeshwar hota hai...

My mom, has hardly worn the traditional grab... rather she is the most comfy in her Pjs, but does that mean, she is a bad role model... actually, she has done a very decent job bringing me up... 
She works... and is a very independent woman... I have learnt from her that it is very important to assert what you feel is right... and that its fucking very important to have a job, so that you can have financial success and Independence. 
I know my older cousins coming up to her so that they can be guided as to how to bring up their kids.

A Mother is a woman- who can bring up the kids well. And, if she is more in touch with recent times, she is able to do that job much better. (Can you imagine bringing up kids without Huggies... gross)... Just because she deserves her time off and wears western clothes.... doesn't make her a Bad role model.

Some people really need to open their eyes to the future and not to the past....!!!


Anonymous said...

no offence but when i read
"and that its fucking very important to have a job"

i thought u'd written:
"fucking is a very important job"

until i read it again :p ....

besides that, i wish more and more women in india start thinking like you. it's about time for us to get out of dark ages.

Sakshi said...

When I am really mad, I am bad at punctuations...!!!
I agree that more and more women should think like we do... but then how can we get that message across??

Anonymous said...


"It is fucking important to have a job" and "Fucking is important" are both factually correct statements..hehehe

I have seen that guys who come from families where their moms are treated as individuals are themselves better at treating others with respect. Also, those are the families where the mom is not clinging to the son as her saviour because she has better things to do. In general, a happier family all round.

Sakshi said...

I am going to edit that profanity...!!! Though, I agree to Clueless, here.

Yes, for a mother to let her child grow into an individual is a tougher job than to have a child, who is always saying- Yes Mommy.
Especially, the guys.