Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy Women's Day...

Cheers... to being who I am.

I know, that there is always a debate on whether we should be dedicating a single day to womanhood. I know, that, a single devoted to us.. is not enough to give us our due. But this time, celebrating US... the women... was more important.... even if it is reiteriate that ' It is the woman, makes sure that the progeny is born... and she takes care of you... and its high time that you strat respecting her choices... and supporting them....'

A woman-
She is the Mother,
the Daughter,
the sister,
the wife....

In playing so many roles... she forgets who she is.

Lets Salute the woman... who is there with us... all through.

Happy Women's Day...!!!


Ruchi Mehta Jain said...

I completely agree that a woman plays varied roles in her life time and she has to be respected for the same. However taking advantage of it.. is something that pisses me off... i also agree there are many sections of our society that still lives in medieval period, but u dnt need to have a special day dedicated to women to acknowledge that.

Sakshi said...

You knw, it is for those Very sections of the society that we need a day to let them know and appreciate the women in their life...!!!
The awareness has to be spread...!!!

Ruchi Mehta Jain said...

Then we don't need just one day.. we need a sustained effort and support from everyone... making noise on one particular day is not going to make any difference.

Sakshi said...

I agree... That we require sustained efforts...!!! But, then those sustained efforts need to start with a small step... and women's day is That small step...!!!