Monday, March 9, 2009

That Girl and this girl...

I am just a girl...!!!

I was checking out Ms. Footloose's blog and her latest post got my fill attention... thus the title. 
I dunno, what this girl or that girl means...
I juts know that- I am me.

I am tired of being labelled as 'THAT GIRL' ... why can't I just be called what I have been named?? Interestingly, this characterizationoops more like character autopsy comes from the very people who call us their friends... and who always say that they want the best for us.
Hmmm, how does being judgemental about me... or what I do help Me? Ofcourse, if its something that is going to take me to the path of pure self destruction, then, there are friends who should be coming up to me, give me a slap...temme that I am wrong and save the day by just being there... and not be the kinds- Who would, encourage you to do things that become entertainment for them...!!!

You, know, may be that is the reason that I found my boyfriend online... because, he has never been judgemental about me... or the way I am. (I still, abstain from using the forks and the knives...for cutting pizza... or the bread... but Shayon never irked by it... :))

Maybe that is the reason that I have come so close to Ms. Footloose... because, though she is younger to me... has her own life...her own set of friends... there has never been the... character autopsy of each other... I know that I have said things to her... that I wouldn't dare to talk about to anyone. I know that I talk alot. I just dunno... how this girl listens to me all the time... duhu... I am mean...
But really Kashvi, Thank you so much. In a few months time... You have made me realise that, it doesn't matter- All that matters is that I am Happy...and that I enjoy being who I am.
Btw- I am strongly believe that- You, Kashvi can be anything that you want to be.

Its been Kashvi and Kritika (Who I really got to know this Fest season... despite being batch mates/classmates for 3 years) who taught me that its more important to know about yourself than to know about yourself from others...!!!
Thanks girls!!!

I know-
I am not 'That girl' or 'This girl'...
I am just me... and for the time being... I am happy being just that...!!!


Ashish Surana said...

The problem is solved when you say you are happy being happy n enjoy :)

Blog rolling u..looking forward to learn n

Sakshi said...

I know...!!!
Thanks for blog rolling me...!!!

Anonymous said...

hey .. I have been reading your blog for some time now, first comment though. You are a lot younger to me and I like the innocent lil things that you write on.

In some ways you remind me of the girl I was when I was younger and some times the Girl i wanted to be...

Stay the way you are Girl!


Sakshi said...

Thank you so much...!! Loved your comment...and I am gonna try really hard staying the way I am...!!!