Thursday, March 5, 2009

little things...

I am a very Stupid person.
This is a fact that I have been told by various people at various points of my life.

My guy tells me I am stupid to let people boss me around. (In this case she happens to be someone very close to me). My Best friend tells me that I am stupid because I let my guy take me for a may times.
My younger sister tells me I am stupid because I just don't know how to stand up for myself.

And very recently, another friend of mine has told me that I am extremely foolish, because I let my classmates take me for a ride all the time. I have been told many a times that the so called people that I call my friends have back stabbed me so many  times that I have no idea. And, really every time this happens, I get to know that this has happened and all I do is just smile and get back to being normal with them.
I somehow feel that I must have done something wrong..or that it is my attitude that has offended people around me.
But- somehow no one has ever re instated the fact that it is my attitude that is making them jealous.

I know, that tomorrow when I go to college, I will have nothing and no one but myself. I have lost out on friends...or maybe they never were my friends.

I just want to be me. That is the little thing I want from myself...and I want for myself. 

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Unknown said...

visual dna link does not work.

i think youniverse and Visual dna are web2.0 version of orkut and facebook profiles.