Sunday, March 1, 2009


Hmmm, its the first day of the Board Month... and My younger sister Arushi just hugged me telling me that she is shit scared of her 10th grade boards. So all my readers... please pray that she fares well in her first ever Boards.

The Great College fest is finally over.
I know for sure that the 'usual' group in college is pretty much in tatters. I am not in talking terms with atleast one of the persons. So much so, that I am actually cold to him and I am not even feeling bad about it. No, I dunno if I'll talk to him ever again... thus making it very difficult for the others to choose sides...!!! And since I am always the Miss goody two shoes... I am going to make the choices easier for the others and tell them to just have fun and just chill.
Though I am tired of being the 'always understanding' type...!!!

Anyways- The month of march is always pretty exciting... there are the exams... and seeing the buzz and the excitement of the school kids always reminds me of the same feeling of euphoria, when final exams happened.... the mixed feeling of the year end results and the beginning of the new class, was always so so great. 31st March was an event in itself... what with the new books and notebook covers all happening.... 

On the love front... Shayon is going out of station next week... :( and unlike Chandu, I don't have the cure.... (SIGH).... But yeah, He has promised me that he is gonna try and woo me into going out on a date with him on Saturday... a day before he leaves. I hope he does some efforts.

There is nothing interesting happening at all. The fest was so ugly that there are no details that I really want to mention or remember. The good thing was- That- I stood second in my Batch for the previous academic year, Stood first in the Debate competition and got a special prize for Solo Dance in the fest.

Life is going on Usual. Till next time- Cheers...


Anonymous said...

congratulations to you for your achievements. whoever calls u stupid should be reminded of ur accomplishments repeatedly!!!!

u are not stupid!

whenever u feel stupid, do come and read this comment. u are NOT stupid. u are a very capable young lady who is destined to do very well with her life. dont let it fall apart. :)

Sakshi said...

I know...!!! These few words mean so so so much to me...!!! Thank you you Roo...!!! You are so sweet...!!!