Sunday, April 12, 2009

Tagged- You are it...!!!

Moo was a darling to have me tagged onto this. Though this is a tough one, I am going to try and complete the tag... and hope fully not relate everything to my relationship and boyfriend...!!! :) 

All you have to do, is write down something significant about yourself next to each number one to ten.

1 is number of year left for me to finish my studies. Also is the number of year left for my parents 25th wedding anniversary.
2 is the number of times I am supposed to have milk everyday. (And yeah- its COMPULSORY- House rules still apply to you when you are with parents...
3 is the number of internships that I have done till date. Also I stood third in the previous semester.
4 is number of years that Shayon and I have been together.
5 is the date on which my birthday falls. 
6 is the minimum number of times that I have read each of the Nancy Drew novels that I have.
7 is the number of semesters that I have cleared, also is the date on which Shayon's birthday falls.
8 was the number of months after which Shayon and I met for the first time after we had started dating... (Online dating has its demerits too....
9 is the month of my birthday... (I know I am totally obsessed with myself....) and also the number of shelves that I posses in my room... including the wardrobe and the study almirah.
10 is the number of semesters that are needed to be cleared for me to be the Lawyer... (I am in my 8th Semester...) and if it counts- 2010- Is THE year that I am waiting for.

Nothing TOOOOOOOOO impressive... but yeah... I did think and then write. 
So now, time for Ms. Footloose, Niceguy 251, Rahul, Ashish, Roop, Delphian Oracle, Dreamcatcher, Elliez to sit and think and do the tag... and ofcourse- Anyone else who I missed out... is most welcome to do this Tag.


Ashish Surana said...

U didnt refer to me...right ??

btw..u did relate quite a few to your relationship with DO AGAIN is the remark :P

Sakshi said...

I DID refer to you... which other ashish do u think it is??
Hmmm... as far as your remark goes... I am obsessed with my boyfriend. PERIOD.

niceguy251 said...


Awwwwwwwww, I will take time to do this. But it will be as it comes in my mind.

5/9 I will remember but 7/? you have to tell.

Take care

Sakshi said...

its 7/7... do the tag.. its soooo much of fun...

Ashish Surana said...

how does one date online ??

I thoughts its just chatting and trying to know each other well ;)

thanks for tagging me, I am already thinking abt it :)