Friday, May 15, 2009

I feel...

That communication is the key.
But- is it fair to say it all at the risk of hurting the ONE so special person?

Shayon says that its ok, because- one day it will come out... and make it much worse...!!!
I have risked it already... what do you all have to say about it??


Neo said...

That is why, my friend, the concept of being tactful was invented. Political correctness. Say the worst things in the best possible manner.

And you know how they say that you shouldn't be tactful with the one you love, yada yada? Bullshit! If you hurt him/her by being mean, why the hell will they stay with you?

Sakshi said...

Just wondering my dear- That in a world where everything has to do with political correctness- shouldn't there be ONE person with whom you don't feel the need to be politically correct...? its a thought of an ideal world- which the past week has shown does not exist.