Saturday, May 30, 2009

Life in the slow lane.....

YIPEEEEE!!! The theory examinations are finally over... the whole month went into them.. and the stress was evident. (Last few posts were a witness to that).

Thank you all the readers who bore the brunt of my mad mood swings...!!! Love you guys.

Now, that the exams are over and I have all the time in the world to contemplate and think about all the useless things in the world... my mind refuses to do just that. And frankly speaking I DO NOT care. I have realised, that I have become toooooooo predictable ... be it the clothes or the routine... I am looking to do something realllly crazy... No brainwave has come as yet.. as soon as it comes, you will be the first ones to know. 
So, basically there is nothing to do... but a lot of house work to do... like: I do the dishes each night after dinner. Somehow, dirty dishes during the night in the kitchen sink gives me nightmares of roaches etc and that makes me uncomfy and today- I did the dusting for the entire house. Thanks to the weather, there was so much of visible dust that I could not even cheat. So chores are a part of my routine now a days...
And apart from that- There is really nothing to do. (On days on which I don't have my dance that is).

Oh, my younger sister got her 10th class result.. she scored a whooping 89% but poor gal still got a nice scolding from my mum. The reason being Mom was expecting waaaaay much higher percentage and well, my sis did work overtly hard for these goddamn boards. The entire excitement about her result reminded me of my result day 7 years back... the whole hoopla around it was just too much and it is so clear in my memory till date that I can almost feel the tension of that day. For me, till the 10th grade, I had THE most wonderful time of my school life. All of my defining moments and the person who I am is thanks to those 11 years of Schooling that I had in Air Force Bal Bharati School. 
And I am reminded of the great times at school because of a picture that was uploaded by my friend on Orkut. This picture was taken 17 years back(FREAK- I even remember my First  day at school... it can't be that long ago... or maybe it is.. )when I was in K.G. and its a group picture of all the kids who had participated in the fancy dress competition... those were the days...each year has a great memory associated with it... I knew I could dance when I won my first ever dance competition in school at the age of 5 and after that I participated in each of the annual day functions... we all wish that- e could go back to being kids... but I know we cant.. and I am so so so glad that I had such great years at school to compensate for the 11th and 12th grade that I had (Never Change schools... after 10th grade. It SUCKS) 
I know I have talked alot about My school alot in this post... but there is one lil thing that I wanna share before I change the subject... that is... Being in an air force school taught me how to be down to earth and friendly even to the unknown... every year we had new admissions and transfers... I met people from all over India and became their first friend. That was like so cool, that there were a few of us who were the constants and learned to attach ourselves with the maintain the balance in the equation...

Enough about the school... now I am a grown up.. and life has changed... alot. And I have been having trouble and arguments with my dear one... for a month... and thank heavens... that has finally come to a rest. No I have no idea if all the issues have been sort... but I am back at being the practical girlfriend that I was (or atleast that is what I think). Shayon and I met yesterday after a huge gap (yeah- two weeks seemed huge..and we only met in december last year after a year of staying apart- Some double standards we have.. :P) and guess what? I got a gift... yeah- I got a stuff toy/pillow in the shape and looks of a devil (Shayon likes to call himself the devil.. ) cute na... ? 

The Devil, My Gift.

Yup, that's about all that I wanted to write about... life's slowing down a bit thanks to holidays and summers... lets see if the brainwave comes...


Moo said...

Glad to see you back on your feet, to being the cheerful girlie we all know! :) The last few posts were so uncharacteristic of you, that at most times I felt like I'd stumbled onto the wrong blog. :) I guess we're all allowed our moments of pain, sadness, anger and madness though!

Stay cheerful and be happy! :)

Hope to see more of you around. :D

Jack said...


Nice to see you in relaxed mood. Enjoy the free time and take up some hobby apart from dancing. My both children studied in Air Force Golden Jubilee once we came over to Delhi in 1986- you were not even born then.

Take care

Sakshi said...

Thank you so much... for all your wishes...!!! And you really can't appreciate the small things in life till you are really down and out... so I was on that learning spree...!!! :)

@ Jack
AFGJI- Your kids are of my rival school!!! My sis studies in TAFS, the one next to AFGJI... and I am so proud of the fact that she too is learning the basic values that all of us from air force schools imbibe... love that get going attitude that they instill in us.. and I especially love the aircrafts on our campuses... makes us even more proud.
(I should stop talking school now)