Saturday, May 2, 2009

God Bless My Parents...!!!

About a few weeks back, I read a post on DC's blog. 
The post was a very simple description of the ideal guy in her life and the one that she would like to marry.
The end conclusion was- That a girl will normally fall in love with a guy who is like her dad.
I know why that is true for me....
here is a lil story that my Father told me and my sister last night... (BTW- My parents have been together for 35 years, though they have been married only for 24 years... yeah they dated for sooooooo long, thus this story is from one of their dating days.)
The year is not really known, but, at that time Dad was working as an apprentice (something like that) in Mumbai. When he decided to come to Delhi for a break- he called up Mom, and asked her to receive him at the station. It so happened that, he could not get the train ticket to Delhi... 
Now, we are talking about a time when, there were STD booths, no cell phones and absolute restrictions on talking on the phones late at night or anytime... especially for my Mom at her parents house. And we are also talking about those times when airplane tickets were not a cheap commodity...
So, when my father had no means of informing my mom about his misfortune and he was also worried that she will get all harassed and worried waiting for him at the station... he took a flight to Delhi.
Now, isn't that, like the sweetest thing...!!! I swear, I have never seen another couple so much in love... and my mom muses that their love story was like that of Aditi and Rats in Jaane tu, ya Jaane na... 
God Bless my Parents...!!! Love them soooo much.... MUAH

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Jack said...


That is called a caring partner. Please give my regards to them.

Take care