Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I need to..

Control my tongue and my anger.
I have had numerous occasions when I sound like an awful old lady who does nothing better than taunting.
And at times, my anger makes me so spiteful that I say things that I am regretting most of the time.
I know, I am not perfect.
Neither am I striving to perfection. All I know is that- I hate having the sour tongue.
Is it too late to change??


Anonymous said...

No thats normal behaviour. Are you up for sainthood or what ?

Sakshi said...

Sainthood is a great idea D.O. I am considering it...
* considers *
*still considering *
Naaaa... Damn the world... I am back. :)

Miss M said...

Ofcourse its not too late to change!

You know I used to be just like you!
Couldn't seem to control my tongue when angry. But now I know that I do hurt some people really badly while doing so...so I have put a control on that.

Also, gimme me your address and I will send you a soft toy! Hey, I have no qualms about shopping for one to give to a dear friend...i just have a problem with recieving one! ;)

Jack said...


It is never too late for self improvement. So just do not hesitate and go for what you feel you need to do to make yourself a better person in your own eyes.

Take care