Wednesday, July 29, 2009

If college life is THIS..

Then no wonder I want to just get finished with it. And that too really quick. ( The final two semesters- Man- God- Please please please- Get me through them minus any hiccups.)
So, today, Me the great went to college. Well, because, results had come, and also the next internship is not really going to be easy on me, so I wanted to go and tell my Head that not expect me before September.
I happen to sit in one of the lectures and, I was SO bored that I wrote this post-
It is official now.
I am beyond sitting in college and its classes.
Yes, you guessed it right- I went to college today. Right now, I am sitting in class. The lecture is of Consumer Protection Act. Btw- for all those of you who are unaware this is one of the most recent enactments in our country.
And PHLEASE, I have not come across such an ass of a teacher. He looks no more than a fresh graduate and he is just READING the DAMN BARE ACT. (That I can also do and do the the hindi translation of the English text.)I have never felt so sleepy in my life.
But then when my anger subsides- I start feeling sorry.
Sorry for the teacher (Yeah in my college NO one is worth calling a professor, they all are as bad I tell you, and our rules are also so strict that- You feel you are in a n army camp not a college.)Oh, coming back to my teacher who is translating the english text to hindi text, and not really imparting any knowledge- Is actually teaching to a lone girl sitting on the front desk. There are in total 11 students in the class where there should be 150.
So I feel sorry for him. No one really to teach, so why should he be teaching us.
Then, I feel sorry for myself because then all the debatable discussions become more of a self introspection issues. And then I feel sorry for my children and grandchildren, because- now, I have no juicy college tales to entertain them with.
Then finally I feel sorry for you my dear readers because- You have to read such fucked up posts about such a fucked up college that I go to.
What a sorry post this has turned out to be... so SORRY.
Na, the college is not that bad, its the administration that lacks the way to run a college. But- I have to admit, even with all its flaws, I am doing a great job there. But, yeah- 5 years is a LONG time. I am waiting for the new life to begin.

In other news- I went to Shayon's place after college. And I cooked. Yeah, just maaroed tadka in the rice to have it with dahi, but nevertheless my first in his kitchen * blushing head to toe *it was good fun.

Rest all is great...

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Jack said...


Now you have one more option after completion of course. If not Defence, you may take over this college and run it better. I am sure you will turn it into something which will attract lots of aspiring Lawyers. So you did "infiltration" into a friendly camp. How did it feel?

Take care