Monday, July 27, 2009

Clap your hands and welcome back-

I never did go any where.
But- There is nothing wrong in clapping your hands and giving your precious thoughts to the new template that has adorned my two year old blog.

Yeah, you guessed it right the template change fever is on.. so I thought why not follow the suit.
The credit of this template does NOT go to Shayon. (He is feeling bad that he could not do it.. )
It goes to the dear MOO.
And to * drum rolls * Gaurav...!! Gaurav is Moo's friend, who is now friend... and he very patiently listened to me and did the template. (Better give nice reviews...or else...)

I hope that- this change.. is for the good.
Thank you Gaurav and Thank you moo.
Love you guys...
In the other news- My result is OUT!! And I came second.
This is the best result that I have had thus far.
It seems that- I need to be more positive about life in order to make sure that- Life responds more positively to me.
And I have to really thank all of you here- Moo, Kashvi, Ki, Miss M, D.O, D.C. Uncle J.. Chandu, Roopie.. Gaurav..
You guys have really influenced my life in the most positive way EVER.
Last, but not the least- Tomorrow is my last class in Rajiv's batch. And, really- I wish I had a choice and I could remain in his batch. Ofcourse- he is a very good reason for that, but, yeah- finally he starts recognising me in class... and boom, I have to change my batch. (Even though I dislike him for not promoting me, and making sure that my self confidence goes for a toss) and then I have made good friends with so many people of of my batch- I am feeling very very SAD!!! :(

Rest all is good...!!


Jack said...


Honestly it does look good. Congratulations of results, when is the treat? You win some you lose some, no sweat on promotion part, it will happen soon. Thanks for your affectionate rememberance in the post. One must remain positive and only then it is possible to achieve what one wishes to.

Posted new one yesterday.

Take care

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your result!!! And don't worry abt promotion, Rajiv has not promoted anyone in my batch in FIVE months!!! :-O